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#PSY631 Assignment 1 IDEA SOL SPRING 2021
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Question 01:
There are different types of psychological tests. Different item formats are used to develop a psychological test. You have read about guidelines for item writing in Lesson 12. You are required to prepare two items for each below mentioned item format as per provided guidelines for item writing:
• The dichotomous format
• The Polytomous format
• The Likert format
The dichotomous format
First of all, we have read that the items that are made in this format have contained alternative responses like yes or no and true or false.
Indicate whether the following statements are true or false by placing a T or F in the space preceding the statement.
1. __t or f___ “Cutting the edge” refers to a concluding gesture to indicate a performance has finished.
2. _____ Picasso’s cubist period was influenced by West African art.
3. _____ Kum Ba Ding Da refers to a secret society in Kpelle culture.
4. _____ Obscuring the facet is common in music performed for ritual occasions.
5. _____ The resonating chamber of the triangular frame-zither is a gourd resting against the player’s chest.
6. _____ Liberia was a British colony until the mid twentieth century.
7. _____ Bird calls are sometimes used to indicate rhythm patterns in Kpelle percussion performance.
8. _____ The use of the syllable “oo” in a high falsetto range may indicate the arrival of a tutelary spirit in a performance.
The Polytomous format
Place the letter of the correct answer in the blank preceding the question.
1. _____ The person who organizes and leads epic performances is the
(a) Questioner; (b) Epic-pourer; (c) Song catcher; (d) Village chief
2. _____ The generic term for women’s secret society in Kpelle cuture is:
(a) Tomo; (b) Muu; (c) Poro; (d) Sande.
3. ____ Singers who embellish the performance with added ostinato patterns are the
(a) owl-raising-people; (b) Epic-pourer; (c) chorus; (d) Questioner.
4. ____ Epics recounting the adventures of the Kpelle superhuman hero are referred to as:
(a) Tomo; (b) Woi-meni-pele; (c) Kuu; (d) Kutidingo.
5. _____ Transverse horns made of wood or ivory played by royal musicians is the (a) Pele; (b) Tomo; (c) Turu; (d) Kora
The Likert format
The items create in this format are in the form of suggestions like strongly disagree to strongly agree
1. The organization invests the time and money to keep employee updated with technology:
• Strongly disagree
• Disagree
• Neutral
• Agree
• Strongly agree
2. Many US citizens are not happy with the work current president has been doing:
• Strongly disagree
• Disagree
• Neutral
• Agree
• Strongly agree
You can make easily this type of items in The Likert format.
Question 02:
What is your understanding about ‘double- barreled’ items? Provide any three examples of such items.
Double- barreled items are the ones that include two or more ideas at the same time. Practically speaking, these may be converted into two or more items depending on the number of ideas being conveyed.
1. “I often help the poor because I believe in serving humanity and I am a follower of my leader who himself is known for social service.”
This item conveys a number of ideas; “I often help the poor because I believe in serving humanity and I am a follower of my leader who himself is known for social service.”
Other examples:
• "Please agree or disagree with the following statement: Cars should be faster and safer.
• "How satisfied are you with your pay and job conditions?”
• "How often and how much time do you spend on each visit to a hospital?"
• "Does your department have a special recruitment policy for men and women?"[5]
• "Do you think that there is a good market for the product and that it will sell well?"
• "Should the government spend less money on the military and more on education?"
• "Is this tool interesting and useful?"


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