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About HAzrat Adam's Language...

Quran, Surah Ta-Ha, verses 116 - 117.
116. And (remember) when We said to the angels: "Prostrate yourselves to Adam." They prostrated (all) except Iblis (Satan), who refused.
117. Then We said: "O Adam! Verily, this is an enemy to you and to your wife. So let him not get you both out of Paradise, so that you be distressed in misery.

Is ayat se aksar yeh mana jata hai k chunkay Hazrat Adam was raised in heaven, so he is an Arab, He might have spoken Arabic..Wallahu Alam...lekin He was an Arab, yeh nahi kaha ja sktaa//Let me mention here what the history says:

* It was said that Adam AS was the first to speak Arabic
* It was said that Jibreel (Gabriel) taught the Arabic to Noah AS and then Noah taught it to his son Sam . Later, other Semitic languages emanated from it.
* After a great confusion in tongues, it was said that Jurham and Qatora sons of Qahtaan Ibn 'Amer Ibn Shalih Ibn Arfakhsheed Ibn Sam Ibn Noah , were the first people to speak the Arabic language, according to al-Hafiz in his book al-Fat-h from Ibn Is-haaq .
* Also, it was said that the Amalekites (giant people) were the first people to speak the Arabic language. It was said that Ya'rub Ibn Qahtaan was the first one who spoke the Arabic, so it was named after him.
* It was said that Ismael (peace be upon him) was the first to speak the Arabic language that we use today. This last opinion is based on the Prophetic Hadith that reads: " Ismael was the first one who spoke plain Arabic, he was 20 years old" . This Hadith is mentioned in al-Qurtubi's Tafseer. al-Hafiz in al-Fat-h said this Hadith was reported from al-Zubair Ibn Bakkar .
* But, the above-stated opinion is refuted by the traceable Hadith of Ibn Abbas concerning the story of Umm Ismael : "And he ( Ismael ) learned the Arabic from them (some tribe)" [Reported by Imam al-Bukhari (Book: 55, HAdith 583)].Al-Hafiz said in al-Fat-h: 'This indicates that the tongue of his parents was not Arabic.
* It is even said that Arabic has specific dialects before used by Yaarub, which are Aaad and Thamud, Further said, Hebrew and Amaniad are languages which are brached into Arabic. Wallahu Alam.

And al-Hafiz (Writer of Al Fateh) brought the two opinion into agreement saying: ' Ismael was the first who spoke the plain and pure Arabic after he had learned its fundamentals from Jurhum , or it might be that Ismael was the best one among his brothers in speaking pure Arabic.

Al-Qurtubi commented on the above difference saying: 'The sound opinion is that Adam among human beings was the first to speak various languages' . The Holy Qur'an states this clearly: {And He taught Adam all the names (of everything), …} [2: 31].

So, there is a great contradiction in the opinions of historiamn.So, it is difficult to state a clear and precise origin of the time and place of the Arabic language. But, for sure, it is one of the Semitic languages. Here, we give preponderance to the saying that states: *Allah, The Exalted, taught it to Adam when He taught him all the names of everything*.

So, no one can give a decisive opinion, Allah knows the BEST:) Allah says in Quran: "JO MAIN JANTA HOON WO TUM NAHI JANTAY".


Jazak Allah

(Aniqua asked a related question here, I thought of adding the information here also.)

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