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Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said:  “Whosoever recites Surah Yasin in the early part of the day his needs will be fulfilled.”  (Mishkaat, Page 189)  It is stated in Mirqaat, Sharah Mishkaat under the commentary of the above 
Hadith that ones worldly needs and the needs pertaining to the Deen and the Hereafter will be fulfilled.  (Mirqaat, Sharah Mishkaat, Vol. 4, Page 681)

In the same way there are other ahadith which state that whoever will recite Surah Waqia daily after maghrib prayer will never face poverty and Surah Mulk before going to sleep will be saved from punishment in grave. 

But the biggest problem is that we are too lazy to do this even. The main reason is that we have to perform ablution and prepare ourselves before we can recite this. So I have found a solution to this laziness

Now I have downloaded the scanned copy of Holy Quran (16 Lines/page) printed by Taj Company. This is the most widely used print by students who are doing hifz in Pakistan. So now you can recite Holy Quran on your computer/ laptop WITHOUT having to perform ablution (Wudhu).  (You don't touch it physically). It is PDF file. .

You can download it from here

Common people can use any copy of Holy Quran that you like. But it must be from some trusted Islamic website and error free.

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Replies to This Discussion

JAZAKALLAH ... thankss


veryyyyy niceee aeysha 


Please note that you still need to do ablution even if you are not touching the Quran physically. You are reading it with the motive of reciting (Tilawat) and that requires you to do ablution.


Please do confirm it from your sources too.


I recite quran on daily basis in both my computer and in a physical copy but I do ablution before recitation in both cases.

Not necessarily... u confirm from yourrr source. I am sure it is not necessary to do Wuddu if reading Holy Quran on your PC, Laptop, Smartphone etc. It is better if u do it... but not a must...  Thanx Mahmood...

Dear Sameer,


I asked this from an Alimah before posting. I will ask a couple more ulamah about this, but what I posted was confirmed beforehand.

Thanx any way... it is okay... important thing is one should read Holy Quran... insha Allah in your Meezaan Hasanaat... Jazak Allaho Kulo Khair.
Ayatul Kursi B must para kro har namz k bad

we are r lucky k hm muslim hen or ALLAh ne humein NAMA ROZA HAJ  jesi nemto se nawaza ha

Yea you are right Alhamdolillah we are Muslims... but we should regularly practice Islam in our daily life too... it gives discipline in life... what they say... Zindagi Bey Bandagi, Sharmindagi...

Thanks for such a nice sharing

Jazak Allah Al Khair

admin dis quran is very nice but it doesnt work on m obile.can u plz arange any mobile in pdf or word format for me plz plz plz


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