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Answer to Task 1

Social Problem of Pakistan

One social problem found in Pakistani Society is Illiteracy and it falls under structural-

Functional Paradigm because it is the responsibility of the state to eradicate illiteracy from the

 country for overall wellbeing of masses. An educated person can face any challenge ahead of



Causes of Illitracy in Pakistan


1. Unequal education system.

2. Different medium of instruction in 
public and private sector.

3. Regional disparity (standard).

4. Gender discrimination.

5. Lack of technical education.

6. The allocation of funds for education are very low.

7. Untrained and non- professional teachers.


1. Increase in education budget.

2. Establish more schools especially in rural areas.

3. Appoint qualified and trained teachers.

4. Technical education must be given to all the classes.

5. Same medium of Instruction.

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Replies to This Discussion

Assignment No.1
Solution fall 2017

Social Problems of Pakistan and its solutions;
Pakistan is a developing state which is going through various problems and issues. These issues are from various origins having long lasting impact on the stability of the economy and the goodwill of country. These problems are being divided in to several heads which one of the very important head is the Social problems of Pakistan.

Major social problems are:
a) Terrorism/Sovereignty Violation
b) Low Education
c) Unemployment
d) Corruption
e) Health care conditions
f) Poverty
g) Food and energy crisis

Corruption can be defined as dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power,

• In Pakistan, corruption is a familiar occurrence at nearly every administrative and government level. Pakistan has been continuously obtaining extremely poor rankings in the Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International‘s. In the year 2012, Pakistan attained a ranking of 139, which made it the 34th most corrupt country in the world. As per the latest rankings, Pakistan shared its rank with countries such as Nigeria, Nepal, Azerbaijan and Kenya (Sethi, 2012)

Causes of corruption In Pakistan;
Low Salaries:
The basic reason for corruption is low salaries as everyone is finding a way to better their living standard as much as they can; it’s also a human nature that he has everything more and more. So mostly corruption is to be seen where there are people having fewer salaries they use corrupt ways to achieve the goal. It is true that they do not have any other way to fulfill their wants

Lack of accountability and regulation:
Corruption is more prevalent because lack of accountability and regulation. If money that the government receives is going in their pockets rather than being spent on the people who need it, on their education, health and so on, then the consequences are obvious that many people don't pay taxes because they don't trust the government to spend it on the people, they think they are corrupt and the money would just disappear. And so this creates a vicious circle. People don't see the government doing anything to help them, so they think it's a waste of time to pay taxes. The government doesn't get any money from taxes and so can't do anything to help people.

Corruption on the low-level is systematic and fed by desperation. In many of these nations, it's almost expected that a policeman or clerk will earn a fair amount of income through bribes, so the states pay those workers less based on that assumption. Bribes and the like become a kind of tip. Even in situations where this is not true, there's still the temptation of extra cash, whether necessary to feed one's family. The "every man for himself" attitude in some cultures encourages this.

Corruption prone institutions:
The term “police corruption” has been used to describe many activities: bribery; violence and brutality; fabrication and destruction of evidence; racism; and, favoritism.

The Judiciary:
The other sector in Pakistan which is seen as notoriously inefficient and corrupt is the judiciary. According to TI Pakistan’s 2006 survey, 96 percent of the people who came in contact with the judiciary encountered corruption and 44 percent of them reported having to pay a bribe to a court official According to Global Integrity, the procedure for selecting judges at the national level is not transparent and selection procedures are often made in exchange for political favors.

Solutions for this problem.

There is no silver bullet for fighting corruption. Many countries have made significant progress in curbing corruption; however practitioners are always on the lookout for solutions and evidence of impact. Here are five ways that citizens and governments can make progress in the fight against corruption
Effective law enforcement is essential to ensure the corrupt are punished and break the cycle of impunity, or freedom from punishment or loss.
Successful enforcement approaches are supported by a strong legal framework, law enforcement branches and an independent and effective court system. Civil society can support the process with initiatives...

Reforms focusing on improving financial management and strengthening the role of auditing agencies have in many countries achieved greater impact than public sector reforms on curbing corruption.
One such reform is the disclosure of budget information, which prevents waste and misappropriation of resources

Strengthening citizen’s demand for anti-corruption and empowering them to hold government accountable is a sustainable approach that helps to build mutual trust between citizens and government. For example, community monitoring initiatives have in some cases contributed to the detection of corruption, reduced leakages of funds, and improved the quantity and quality of public services.

Without access to the international financial system, corrupt public officials throughout the world would not be able to launder and hide the proceeds of looted state assets.
Major financial centers urgently need to put in place ways to stop their banks and cooperating offshore financial centers from absorbing illicit flows of money.


Countries successful at curbing corruption have a long tradition of government openness, freedom of the press, transparency and access to information. Access to information increases the responsiveness of government bodies, while simultaneously having a positive effect on the levels of public participation in a country.

Task 2: Solution
Multiple roles of parents and their affects:
I am as a child develop from infants to teens to adults go through a series of developmental stages that are important to all aspects of my personhood including physical, intellectual, emotional and social. The proper role of my parents is to provide encouragement, support and access to activities that enable me to master key developmental tasks. The different roles of parents in my life that’s can’t be expressed in words however some of the major roles of my father and mother that that are directly influence on my life since my childhood are appended below ;

Take Care of the Biological Needs
The first role of my parents is to take care of my biological needs. Providing physical care to fulfill the needs of myself that are proper food, fresh air, good lighting, enough sleep, recreation time, etc.

Provide an Optimal Environment
My parents provide me a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that allows me to grow healthy. For an optimal development, children need: adequate physical home environment; a tolerant and positive atmosphere; conditions for positive changes and improvements; opportunities to explore and experiment in environment; consistent routine; etc.

Protect myself
Make sure my environment is safe. They protect of myself, to warn me by telling what is safe to do and what isn’t, before they venture out on my own. Teach me the difference between right and wrong, and that wrong may be harmful both for me and for others. I felt safe due to continuity and consistency in daily routines, and especially in a loving atmosphere.

Teach and Educate Me
Parents teach and educate me to shape knowledge and character, to prepare myself to face the real world. So another parent’s role is to make possible learning of such actions as walking and talking, reading and writing (to facilitate learning of these activities, a parent must have patience and understanding). Provide me the best possible education. A parents have to be a fine observer (to have an overview of their children’s behaviors, moods and activities) and instructor for his children...

Providing me a various opportunities community. To successfully integrate knowledge of community culture. To finally become a healthy member of the myself into community, they give me the

Provide Guidance, Direction, Assistance and Help
Another important role of parent is to provide me guidance and assistance in the process of personal development and growth. Give me a sense of direction and provide sufficient support to succeed and to feel that they are the source of the achievement.
Facilitate me to find out independence, allow and encourage me to be independent, help handle and balance my needs for independence and dependence. Gave me the independence about choose my own career.

Support and Motivate
To be successful and to achieve my goals, encourage and motivate me. Provide empathic encouragement as a reward for an achievement, but also to minimize the frustrations of failure. Teach me to look at failure as a situation of learning and not as a tragic situation. Listen and be supportive, encourage instead of crushing my capacity to say no, at all costs. Motivate and persuade me to achieve more than they thought possible.

Take Care of the Social Emotional Skills
Parent helps me to acquire emotional wellbeing. There are positive factors, such as: praise, encouragement, calm talk and response, affectionate attention, etc. that will help to build healthy emotions. Strive to eliminate negative factors such as will annihilation, sarcasm, neglect or bullying.

Discipline Gently
They understand me what communicating directly or indirectly my attitudes and behaviors. A major aspect of the parent’s role is to establish and maintain order in family by requesting a certain level of discipline. Their calm and emphatic talk helps me become conscious of my mistakes.

All these roles have a positive impact on my life because today what I am what I am studying all in all of myself is due to my parents roles finally, parents are doing best for me.

If you found any mistake, then correct your self

SOC101 Assignment#01 Solution



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