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My Today's STA301 paper: By Akram khan

 STA 301:

  Total Question 26, 20 mcqs, 3 short and 2 long questions.


     Too easy, median, harmonic mean, G.M, probability. Standard deviation, sample space of 2 dice and curves analysis.

    MCQs was also from the same topic mentioned above.

STA301 Today Paper 17-12-2016

1.define exhaustive event 2 write down the formula arithmetic mean grouped and ungrouped data .3 P(A/B) find karn tha baki doo values dee hoe thi .4 sampling error 5. coefficient of skewness find karna tha sara data dia hoa tha
MCQs total past

1) How Many Subsets can be made from the given set :{2,3,5,7}
2)Define the Law of Contemplation .
3) Verify the given condition AU(BUC) = (AUB)UC ,(A.B.C sets were given)
4) A die is rolled twice what is the ondition probability that the sum of two dice will 7.Give that sum is greater than 6?
5) Calculate mean+k(0.06) for k=3 Also interpret the values.
6) For event A and B define on sample S, P(A intersection B)=0.20 , P(B)= 0.75, find P(A/B).

Total 26 Questions
20 MCQ
2 of 2 marks
2 of 3 marks
2 of 5 marks
Questions related to Pearson’s Coefficient of Skewness
Questions related to Permutation and Combination
If two coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting no head
Questions related to Mean Deviation
 Questions related to Chebychev’s Inequality

When two coins are tossed the probability of at least one head is:

► 1/4


► 2/4

► 4/4

According to empirical rule approximately 95% of the measurements will fall under

which interval?

► X ± S

 X ± 2S

► X ± 3S

► X ± 4S

The sum of squares of deviations from mean is:

► Undefined

► Zero

► Maximum

► Minimum

A histogram is consists of a set of adjacent rectangles whose bases are

marked off by:

Class boundaries

Class limits

Class frequency

Class marks

If the both tails of the distribution are equal, then distribution is called:

Select correct option:



Positively Skewed

Negatively Skewed

When data is labeled to identify an attribute of element, the measurement scale is:



► Nominal


30. If P (A) = 0.3 and P (B) = 0.5, find P (A/B) where ‘A’ and ‘B’ are independent:

Select correct option:





#STA301 Mid term paper
Mcqs totally from #Moaaz file
Permutation find krni thi 4C2 ki? 2 marks
What will be possible when two coins are changed like
sample space ka question tha? 3 marks
Disadvantage of range ?
Coefficent of variation find krna tha by formula ?3 marks
Arithmetic means find krna tha sara data dia tha by show all steps for grouped data? 5 marks
Aur aik interpretation dni thi like X+_K(1.6) aur K=2 tha aur kuch value bhi thi? 5 marks

Moaaz file to send kr dain plz

STA301 Mid term paper ki.


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