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STA301 ALL Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2014 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 10 January 2015 to 25 January 2015

STA301 ALL Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2014 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 10 January 2015 to 25 January 2015


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Replies to This Discussion

Share Your Current mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 20 December 2014 to 01 January 201 to help each other. Thanks 

today's paper By anmoll

most of the mcqs are from moazz file

1. define probability in terms of relational frequencies 2 marks

2. limitations of chebychev theorm 2 marks

3.three sets are given have to find A UNION B AND AINTERSECTION C 3 marks

COMBINATION question 8 c 5 = ?   3 marks

5 chebychev thorem say related hi aik question mean ans standard deviation given have to fin a limitayions on b....  i left... 5 marks

6. 2 dice thrown . sample space? and prbability that total of outcomes equal to 5. that becomes 4/ 36. 

best of luck to all..... do pray for me

STA301 Current Mid Term Papers STA301 Sample Midterm Papers Pattern:

Syllabus to be covered: Lecture 1-22.

Shared By Sister Tayyaba Anwar 

My Today's Paper

Mcqs = 20 marks

Subjective 20 marks

Mcqs ziyada tar Mooaz file sy aye thy

Write two normal eqs 2 marks

Find probability if coin toss two times no head ki find krni thi 2 marks

Cofficient of variance "X" ki values given thi 5 marks

Samples space bnani thi or probability find krni thi sum is 11 or greater 5 marks

mean,median or standard deviation given tha pearsons coffient of skewness find krna tha 3 marks 

Pray for all for next papers plz

Shared By Aamina Sister

My Today's Sample Paper of Sta301



2 marks=2



1.what do you know about discrete random variable? 2 marks

2.which measure of dispersion do not cover all values of data?2 marks

3.calculate C.V.3marks

4.calculate combination?5marks

Shared By Sumaira Shabbir Sister 


Mcq's were from Moaz file just one is from handout's which is about the positive skewness 

Q1.Principal of least square method 2 marks
Q2.If A and B are two events then explain the general rule of multiplication probability A and B 2 marks
Q3.If Q1= 24.05 , Q3 =34.29 and median = 29.15 then find the bow's coefficient of skewness 3 marks
Q4.IF P(A∩B)=2/15 ,P(A)=30/78 AND P(B)=4/10
Show that A and B are independent 3 marks
Q5.If A is a family and has two children of both sex and B has at must 1 boy if B family has both sex then show that A and B are independent 5 MARKS
Q6.If A={2,3,5} , B={1,3,5} , C= {2,4,6} then prove that
A∩(B∪C)=(A∩B)∪(A∩C) 5 MARKS 

paper easy thaa 

today paper of mine sta301

20 mcqs


Question 21: define mutually exclusive events?

Question 22: write the name of the means of dispertion ?

Question 23:find out the variance of N=15,∑χ 2=4872,∑x=258

Question 24:PA=0.30,PB=0.50 AND P(AB)=0.14 ARE the event independent

Question 25:find the probality if 4 diece thrown at the same time ?

Question 26:wo yad nai a raha

best of luck all of u

✿☆.。゚Hira(ღ˘⌣˘)♥  thanks for sharing 

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kia calculator a jana hai?

calculatore is not allowed

dear  ✿☆.。゚Hira(ღ˘⌣˘)♥  sis calculator is allowed.............. no fun..........

calculator is allowed hira 

don't make confuse dear 

You are right D_Asif 

my paper

there were 20 MCQs mostly from Moeez's file and other Question were

1) what is the required term for numerator?(2)

     P(B/A) =    ?   


2) write down the formula of computing S.D for group data .(2)

3) what are the three axioms of definition of probability ? (3)

4)  what is meant by grouping error? write down the name of  correction which is applied to over come grouping error.(3)

5)  if A={a,b,c,d,e} , B= {f,g,h,i,j} and C = {a,e,i,o,u} then verify 

         (A U B)UC = AU(BUC)                                           (5)

two dice are rolled. make the sample and find the probability that sum of the out comes is equal to 10          (5)



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