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Total questions 26

mcqs 20 ( mostly from probability)

find coefficient of varience? (5)
Suppose X is a variable between integars 1 to 14 . what is the probability of X to b even number? (5)kuch aesa tha
question about combination? (3)
what is the probability of commetee to b distributed amoung 10 persons? (3)
what are the different measures of dispersion that donot use all values? (2)
what are the two suits that can b blackk in playing cards?? ( 2)

sorry friends i forgot the exact question but gave the idea....... :(

best of luck........

do remember me in ur prayes....ALLAH bless u all..............

Total Questions = 26
18 mcsq's (mostly from probability)
2 marks questn=3
3 marks questn=2
5 marks questn=2

1- why we need to calculate coefficient of variation? (2)
2- what is the scatter diagram? (2)
3- A number X chosen at random from the integers 1 to 14 both are inclusive.find the probability
i) if x is an even number
ii) if x is an multiple of 5 or 6 (5)
4- P(A/B) = P(B/A) if P(A) = P(B) is the statment true or wrong if statment isnot true then justify the reason? (3) 

baki ppr yad nhi .........

Total question were 26 all mcqs were new only ten to twenty percent were from past papers The subjetive portion was that

1.define sample space

2.what is scatter diagram?

3.mean=2.9 median=2.2 calculate pearson coffient of skewness

4.caculat coffient of stadardivation if x=111 123 153 173

6. one question was to calculate permutation

7.last question was about to calculate probablity


Another Paper:

find person,s coeffecient of skewness
find independent event
find skewness with 5 number skewness?y relative probabality is not b symmetrical?
find sample space ?

STA301 Midterm Examz All Current papers in one thread Spring May 2012

q1.what is statistics?
q2.define event?
q3.term statistic
q4. if a die is rool 100 times what is possible events can be occured?
q5.what is chebhy sheve inequality theorm state it?
quartile deviation
q6.prove am<g.m?

Total 26 questions out of which 20 were objective.

Q)The universal set U= {a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j} and the set:

A= {a, b, c, d,}

  1. Determine the power set of A
  2. Find,comllement of A

 Q)Why standard deviation is better than mean absolute deviation?

Q)State the law of complementation in probability for any event A.

Q)Two fair dice are rolled. Make the sample space and also find the number of sample points in an event A that the sum of the outcomes is equal to 7.

Attachments kdr hnn


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