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  1. A sample of siz  n=3 drawn without replacement expirenment from a population  N=5 items whose values ,0,2,3,6,7 draw  possible samples
  2. Calculate sampling error  if sample is 102 and population mean is 100
  3. A random sample of  12 observations is drawn  then a normal distribution  with =33.suppose that the  sample means  is found to be  Find 96% confidence interval for
  4. RCBD with MSE=200Measure of treatments=4 no of block=5  Then find value of LSD  test for

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File not working please provide correct copy..


AoA. umid hai ap kheryat se hon gi. ramzan mubarik ho. apni duaon ma yad rkhna. sending u sta301 paper

Q. (Marks 5) Anova table diya gya tha jis ma kuch missing entries ko fill krna tha.

Q. (Marks 5) Handouts ma page-268 pe di gai example-2 ai thi. Bilkul almost ye thi.

Q. (Marks 5) Poisson distribution use kr k probility find krna thi for a random variable which takes values maximum to 5 only.

Q. (Marks 5)Two different dice are thrown. Make the sample space and also find the number of sample points in an even A that the sum is 7.

Q. (Marks 3) A table was given, in which x and P(x) were given. We had to find the Mean and Variance.

Q. (Marks 3) Values of Sigma X , Sigma X^2, and n were given. We had to find coefficient of standard deviation.

Q. (Marks 3) question which had to solve through the application of Chi-Square test.

Q. (Marks 2) Define the error sample and also write it’s formula.

Q. (Marks 2) Properties of hyper geometric distribution.

Q. (Marks 2) question from Randomized Complete Block design.


bs itna hi yad rha/ Allah Khafiz

Badshah thanks for sharing & keep sharing :-)

husband and wife apply for same job and husband probability for job is like this 9/3 and wife job probability was something 3/5 like , what is the probability that husband could get job and wife not?

is ka ans bta dain koi

ye kesi file hy two parts meyn?

gmail pe reply krna plz

Kindly upload old / current papers of "DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS" in Differential Equations Thread.

Thanks in advance.

Jasmine Khan………….



My Today Current paper of Cs401

Total 52 questions:

4 questions of 2 marks

4 questions of 3 marks

4 questions of 5 marks.

2 mark Questions:

1. Test statistic role in hypothesis?

2. Poisson distribution

3. Properties of random variable

4. Hypogeometric ki types?

4 questions of 3 marks


2. Error finds karma tha?

3. Median with group data?

4. In a sample from normal population if n=9, mean 22.67, s=1.93 and confidential interval is 95%?

4 questions of 5 marks.

1. Hypothesis

2. Chi square

3. Probabilty of mean, variance?

4. Binomail distribution?



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Jasmine Khan)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


This is just fabulous. Thanks, God Bless you :)



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