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plz share ur quizz

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Please all students related this subject Share your online Quizzes here to help each other.thanks


Please share the question and their answers of this quiz if anyone has done.

share the last quiz over here to help others

i thnk PDA formation he FA ki use krty hn is liye ye effectv hoty hn CFG sy? m i right???

ye to cs402 ki gdb ka q hai!

sory mjy yad nae tha k mn ny GDB ka group khola hy ya STA301 ka :( :( dimagh khrab kr dea VU ny :( :(



Thx TM$ n Fatin broz

plz correct which are not sure

The t-distribution can never become narrower than:
Select correct option:
standard normal distribution  (sure)
Chi-square distribution
exponential distribution

When sampling is from an infinite population, the mean and standard error of the sampling distribution of p^ are ________ and________, respectively:
Select correct option:
p, sqrt [p(1 - p)/n]    (sure)
p^, p(1 - p) / n
p, n(1 - p)p
p, p(1 - p)

The standard error of the sampling distribution of the sample mean when sampling is done with replacement is equal to:
Select correct option:
s / n
sigma /sqrt( n)  (sure)
s / (n - 1)

In a Poisson distribution, Maximum Likelihood Estimator (MLE) for meu (u) is equal to:
Select correct option:
Sample mean   (sure)
Reciprocal of the mean
Sample variance
Reciprocal of the sample variance

The precision of an estimator can be increased by increasing the;
Select correct option:
Number of parameters
Number of estimators
Size of population
Size of sample   (sure)

t-distribution can be used to find the confidence interval for:
Select correct option:
Population variance  (SURE)
Population mean
Difference between population proportions
Populating proportion

By increasing sample size, ________ can be decreased:
Select correct option:
Beta  (sure)
Both Alpha and Beta
None of these

Sample Proportion is a /an_______ estimator of population mean.
Select correct option:
Unbiased (sure)
Unbiased and Consistent estimator
None of these

Accept H0/H0 is false, is the ________.
Select correct option:
Correct decision
Type II error  (Sure)
Type I error 
None of the above

The critical region is computed from the value of:
Select correct option:


share your quizes plz

is se sirf ye pta chly ga quiz kahn se thy kesy thy ,


1- When we start hypothesis testing, we always assume that:

2- mean1 - mean2 = 10 against H1 : mean1 - mean2 < 10 then rejection region w

3- As the sample size _____________ the variation of the sampling distribution of the same means ______________:

4- Sampling distributions are

5- f Var(mean1) < Var(mean2) it implies:

6- In a t-distribution

7- If a significance level of 5% is used rather than 1%, the null hypothesis is:

8- sampling distribution of the mean with a normal distribution


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