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STA630 Finalterm Papers 2008 & 2009....

How would you differentiate between Frequency Distribution Table & Bivariate Table? (10)

Question: Different advantage and Disadvantages of using secondary Data? (10)

Question: Different Type of NON Probability Sampling? 10

Question: Different ethical Dilemmas of field Research? 05



Q# 41. Differentiate Specification Pattern and Suppressor variables. Give examples 5 marks
Q#42. What is interaction Effect? Give examples 5 marks
Q# 43. Situation created. Multination company launch product “ Cleanex Tooth Paste” . There were 3 short Questions of from the situation created. 10 marks
Q#44. Describe non reactive research with examples. 10 marks
Q# 45. How wuld you explain double blind experiment? And what is use of placebo in it. 10 marks.



Q# 41. Define problems of Statistical regression with examples. 5 marks
Q#42. Define Convenience Sampling? Give examples 5 marks
Q# 43. References. One author book, two author book and author book edited by two editors. A chapter from a book written by one author. 10 marks
Q#44. Define Qualitative and Quantitative data collection analysis and reporting with examples. 10 marks
Q# 45. Describe Indexes and Scales with examples. 10 marks.



1. What do you know about editing in Data Analysis. (05)
2. Differentiate Ethical issues related to validity (05)
3. Describe different uses of Focus ***** Discussion (10)
4. If you are a researcher, how would you differentiate sequential sampleing & theoretical sampling (10).
5. Briefly explain the importance of indexes and scales in research methods (10)

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