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Research Methods (STA-630)

Concept to be tested: Review of the Literature


In a class of research methodology, Ali presented an idea of ‘kidpreneurs – Entrepreneurship for children’ for his research. To explain the idea, Ali gave argument that according to his viewpoint there is lack of research on this topic. In his opinion, the potential dimensions for this research may be; nature of activities, entrepreneurial characteristics among children and linkage of education with entrepreneurship etc. In response of the idea, professor asked Ali some questions; “how many articles have you read or have you completed initial literature review? How is it possible to finalize topic and initiate a research without conducting a literature review?”

The professor’s questions created confusion in the class and Ali replied, “Literature review and identification of research gap will be done once the topic of the research is finalized”.


In your opinion, keeping goals of literature review in mind, build arguments in favor of statements given by either professor or Ali i.e.“research can be initiated with/without conducting literature review”.

Special Instructions

  • Give precise justification and reply should not exceed more than 150 words.
  • Build your own argument based on your learning of Research Methods and do not use any cheating link.

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Topic/Area for Discussion

Review of literature lecture # 08 for GDB 

Best Of Luck

Bari meharbani Muskan G tvadi

kindly Discuss GDb

build arguments in favor of statements given by either professor or Ali i.e. “research can be initiated with/without conducting literature review”.

so frst v hve to discuss either ali is right or his professor...
as far as i know the research can be conduct with literature review but in this case ali has no reviews 

but same time when v looks another side then it can also be concludes that if there is no research on a topic but someone like ali who is interested to start research on a new topic like child entrepreneurs then i think so it can be possible  but now both ali and professor are right  that's y em confused :( :p

and also i didn't hve enough knowledge in this subject so someone who knows the exact answer..kindly discuss there... :( :p
so someone 

U k Q me hi Ans think think

who need my help ?

then tell me naw... m waiting ... :(

Please Discuss here about this GDB.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

Dear Students Don’t wait for solution post your problems here and discuss ... after discussion a perfect solution will come in a result. So, Start it now, replies here give your comments according to your knowledge and understandings....

The process of reading, analyzing, evaluating, and summarizing scholarly materials about a specific topic.

The results of a literature review may be compiled in a report or they may serve as part of a research article, thesis, or grant proposal.

Literature means writings and a body of literature refers to all the published writings in a particular style on a particular subject.

In research, a body of literature is a collection of published information and data relevant to a research question.

The research question. Often referred to as the research problem, the research question provides the context for the research study and reveals what the researcher is trying to answer.

The paper must answer clearly, "What is the problem?" and "Why do I care?" At the same time, stating the problem precisely limits the scope of the research project by focusing on certain elements. It lets you show why those variables are important.

The statement of the problem is the first part of the paper to be read after the title and abstract. It's like a lead on a newspaper story. It hooks the reader and gives context to what follows.

The literature review. A review of the literature is an essential part of your academic research project. The review is a careful examination of a body of literature pointing toward the answer to your research question.

Literature reviewed typically includes scholarly journals, scholarly books, authoritative databases and primary sources. Sometimes it includes newspapers, magazines, other books, films, and audio and video tapes, and other secondary sources.
Primary sources are the origin of information under study, fundamental documents relating to a particular subject or idea. Often they are first hand accounts written by a witness or researcher at the time of an event or discovery. These may be accessible as physical publications, as publications in electronic databases, or on the Internet.

Secondary sources are documents or recordings that relate to or discuss information originally presented elsewhere. These, too, may be accessible as physical objects or electronically in databases or on the Internet.
All good research and writing is guided by a review of the relevant literature. Your literature review will be the mechanism by which your research is viewed as a cumulative process. That makes it an integral component of the scientific process.


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