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Dear friends, I is indeed a good forum to express astray thoughts. Thankyou Mr. Tariq and Javad Iqbal. 

Well , I can't change past, it has become history and do not know what is there for me in future. I shall limit myself to preset, my Today. Focus will be what I have given or done for others.


  Living a selfless life is not easy, it need a great understanding , huge compromise with society and determination.

  I am working to help people of Dera Allah Yar recover from visible and invisible slavery. I am working for people in Jaffarabad district.  

I shall share with you few pictures, some thoughts and their implementation on ground. 

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All pictures taken on 26 Jan 2011. 

This is not beach / sea shore , river side view , some beautiful lake side, it is main land Dera Allah Yar, still submerged in Flood Water. Well, do not know how Tauri Bund got damaged / broken over 100 KMs upstream near Guddu Barrage, But Mighty Indus swept this area on night 12 August. 

This area marks boundry of Balochistan and Sind provinces on JamaliBY Pass ( Dera Allah yar) 


Visit at your own risk.  If vehicle  bogs down, call Rescue 115 ( I think ) from karachi / Islamabad.  People here would like to see you making efforts, but they can not help you as they can not help themselves even. 




DC told me that soon there will be Earth breaking Ceremony for VU Campus in Jaffarabad, I think he is going to allot this school + land for the purpose. Believe it, this school is in a very good condition, at least better than 300 other schools of the district ( Spare remaining , they probably do not exit ; few were never constructed ( 200 + what EDO Education proudly informs), and for remaining  FLOOD is a good excuse as usual.  

Hopefully, this Boy will win Gold Medal from VU ( MBA 2025) or may be bit later. Surely in Management in a poorly managed country... 


Have a nice day. 

Today , this school is in working , functional condition. Mush better than what it was before the water  of Mighty Indus came in the area as devastating flood .
nice sharing...

Astray thoughts -  Well, I am over with final exams, Hope all students also did well.  I appeared from Sukker this time. As i said in some post, travelling is my passion. Due to my job requirements, I could not go back my home in Quetta and requested University to allow change of center just 6 days before Exams. On 7 February I got new date sheet.  AMAZING.....  


So, it is one of the reasons I grade VU as a very good student friendly university. I may be among the most senior students of VU, got admission in BS SC in Jun 2005 , now I am in 3rd semester of MCS. 

Few words about good comments, sentences of value , I heard or read today.


Pakistan is a great country. Allah has given it grerat strength.See, " Pakistan is leading Muslim Ummah ( no doubt we are ) and stands as beacon for others, but see what is inside : the most corrupt is our President.  The person who  made record of losing the maximum in Juwa ( may be Joo wa - sorry I do not know exact English translation   , yaa it is played in casinos ) , with his picture and name as history , so he is shaping our history.


Bhoola of Mian Sahib was allowed to join the dirty politics back somewhere in 85. Today he has given another six  months to corrupts to mend their ways less HE WILL DEMAND RE ELECTIONS.  What a demand from the killer of wife , the brother of wife and many more.

One of the leader of Jaffarabad demanded 25 Billion some time back just to quit office ( the Hounrable office of PM - Pakistan ) , he was paid with some negotiations.....  probably Rs. 18 Billion.

Well  my Great Pakistan.....

    UNICEF has provided funds and Secretary of Education Balochistan announced to give  25 % to Jaffarabad District for restoration of education infrastructure in the district  - please use scientific calculator for exchange rate calculation -  $ 500 Million.  So you can work out  What Balochistan has got. And in Masters English paper, candidates were required to write on a very difficult topic : 500 words LONG essay.......








The elephant 


I think a very difficult topic, a student might be thinking that if he is dreaming...... 

If somebody could check and re confirm that more than 50 % students failed. ..... 


Simply, no comments....    Pray and work , If I could do the job required from me today, it is enough I believe. 


Well, I am working in education department, I wish you could ask any graduate from Balochistan (less Hazara students) to write few lines on Islam , life any any simple topic.  So ,  let the quota system  and self esteem work for them....  



Have a good time.   


nice sharing
Nice sharing...


Dear fellows, for many days  I had been wondering on finding out the suitable method to help poor get some education. I mean Sha-uur, the problem is : 80 % plus population of Jaffarabad is living below poverty line, the are virtually slaves, generally called as BAZ GARs, it is synonymous to Hari / Mazarra etc.  Allah has given me more than anyone's imagination, I aim to use maximum money in education sector. Following are still querries:-

  1. What should I be doing? 
  2. How to address the general public , the illiterate masses?
  3. How to avoid the influentials and even the Well Educated ( as elaborated in above posts ) staff of education department 

I have a plan, spend some money on Wall Chalking, strange ? But I think it is not, the money spent is hopefully give me reward.  

 I aim to Write in Urdu (translation) Selected Verses of Holy Quran , selected Hadiss Mubarak , selected verses of Iqbal's poetry , Quotes of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif. You all can help me, just post here , what you think is worth reading / helping a slave mobilize against the slavery. 

Soon , I shall be adding the photo of Walls, boards , School buildings with the Wake Up Messages. like Bang-i-Dara. 


I could not save him. I was just 100 meters away from the incident site, but time of death is fixed. To the best of my knowledge, and utilizing all available resources , I tried to save the life of a person injured in bomb attack in Dera Murad Jamali today. Here are the mistakes and lessons I draw:-

  • Trying to alter the natural course without prior request to Allah is NOT allowed.  I must keep in mind that Seek Allah's Blessing first , then take  action.
  • Time and place is fixed.  
  •  Every breath is counted, every moment is counted. No extra moment is awarded , just as some body is making an effort to save the injured. But if we do not make any effort , then for what were we  created. This effort has a role to play in the Grand Game.   
  • All this bombing and damages to national assets are deliberate and focused efforts to damage Pakistan. All done by Enemies of Pakistan. 

Planning some good recreation for these people. A series of Cricket matches will do so, surely after Defeating Australia. 


Al Hamdulliah, Allah blessed me with honour and I was able to put right Dera Allah Yar , Usta Muhammad Cricket Stadiums. Now I am working on Sohbatpur Cricket Stadium, I am expanding it to include the only Park ( with swings , slides etc ) for kids ( mostly under 40 and over over 18 will utilize as per custom of area). 

I can not fight with Nature nor can I change Nature. I am learning to live within my sphere of influence / action. Only Allah SWT knows what is good and what will the benefit of a particular hole in main road at a particular time.

   My experience is, often hole or damaged part of road makes vehicles slow and someone's life is saved.





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