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+ CJ's Blog – June 2014 Archive (19)

D-Day Landing

In 1942, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt issued a statement that the western allies would work as quickly as possible to open a second front to relieve pressure on the Soviets. Though united in this goal, issues soon arose with the British who favored a thrust north from the Mediterranean,through Italy and into southern Germany. Against this, the Americans advocated a…


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World War II: The Decisive Role of the Russian People in defeating Nazi Germany

70 Years Ago, December 1941: Turning Point of World War II

GR Editor’s Notes

This article  by Russian scholar Aleksander B. Krylov was first published by GR in May 2007. It sheds light on an important historical debate. Who won World War II?  The historical record suggests that when British, American and Canadian Troops landed in Normandy in Jun 1944, the Third Reich had already, from a military standpoint been “defeated by the Russian People”.

Translated from…


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The Greatest Sniper duel in history is a myth

In the blazing ruins of Stalingrad, where men hunted men with such savagery that even the dogs fled howling into the night, occurred the greatest sniper duel in history.

Too bad it’s more myth than history.

On one side was Vasily Zaitsev, the Soviet army’s deadliest sniper, with some 400 kills. On the other was one “Major Konig,” the head of the German army’s sniper school in Berlin, whom the Nazi…


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Ramzan mubarik ki fazilat aur taqaze

Added by + CJ on June 30, 2014 at 7:06am — 5 Comments

Wasim Akram a legend :D

  • Full Name: Wasim Akram
  • Birthplace: 3 June 1966,Lahore,Punjab
  • ODI Debut: Pakistan vs NewZealand at Faisalabad,2nd ODI,1984/85
  • Test Debut: Pakistan vs NewZealand at Auckland,2nd Test,1984/85
  • Major Teams: Pakistan,Lancashire,Hampshire
  • Bowling Style: Left Hand Fast
  • Batting Style: Left Handed Batsman

Wasim Akram (born June 3, 1966 in Lahore, Punjab) is a former Pakistani cricketer. He was a left-arm fast…


Added by + CJ on June 27, 2014 at 12:58pm — 3 Comments

Pervez Musharraf went from military leader to president of Pakistan after a bloodless coup in 1998.


Born August 11, 1943, Pervez Musharraf fought in the 1965 war between Pakistan and India. In the 1971 war with India, he served as company commander in the Special Service Group Commando Battalion. Musharraf became general and chief of army staff in 1998,

Early Life

Political leader, military officer. Born August 11, 1943, in Mohallah Kacha Saad Ullah, Old Delhi. The son of a diplomat, Pervez…


Added by + CJ on June 26, 2014 at 11:00am — 13 Comments

Brigadier Tariq Mehmood Shaheed (Brigadier TM)

Mahmood was commissioned in 2nd Battalion of The Baloch Regiment in 1960, when passed out from PMA in 1963.[3] The same year, he was inducted in 51st Paratrooper Division, Airborne Corps, and from there, he was selected for the Special Services Group (SSG). After completing the Special Training of SSG he was posted to the 1st Commando Battalion(Yaldram)(Shaheen Company).

1965 Indo-Pakistani War

In 1965, SSG…


Added by + CJ on June 26, 2014 at 10:30am — 13 Comments

First Railway line in pakitan

The first railway line was laid in the in the areas that now comprise Pakistan in the year 1858 in Karachi. Following is the story of this historical event as well as the construction of first railway section of Pakistan which was opened between Karachi City and Kotri in 1861.

Following photo is kind of jumping the gun in our story but it is the earliest photo of railways that I could research for Karachi-Kotri section. The photo is circa 1900 and…


Added by + CJ on June 26, 2014 at 10:29am — 13 Comments

Pakistan Ordinance Factory

The Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF), responsible for conventional weapons production, is located in Wah Cantonment. POF is a government organization operating under the Defence Production Division in Pakistan's Ministry of Defence. The Pakistan Ordnance Factories is a complex of arms and ammunition manufacturing factories employing more than 40,000 personnel. POF provided the weapons and ammunitions to the Pakistan Army and all their foreign clients. However, since POF cannot produce the…


Added by + CJ on June 26, 2014 at 10:26am — 12 Comments

U.S. Army to Congress: No New Tanks, Please

U.S. Army officials are once again on Capitol Hill trying to convince lawmakers that they do not need new M1 Abrams tanks.

Not only does the Army not need new tanks, it doesn’t need to upgrade the ones it has for another few years, Gen. Ray Odierno, chief of staff of the Army, told lawmakers during a March 7 hearing of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee.

Army officials told the House Appropriations defense subcommittee that they do not need new or upgraded M1 Abrams tanks, like the one seen above.

It is one of the most modernized platforms in the Army and has an average age of…


Added by + CJ on June 18, 2014 at 12:51am — 21 Comments

USA vs Russia

Here is what Russia and the United States should do to minimize the potentially grave consequences of the Ukrainian crisis on world stability and U.S.-Russia relations.


The West is increasingly worried. Headlines exclaim that Putin is now eyeing Eastern Ukraine. Troops are massing on the border. Yet why stop there? Maybe Putin wants to recapture the old Soviet Union. No, he wants to recreate the Russian Empire! Tsar Vladimir would return. After all,…


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JF-17 Thunder Block 2

Pakistan launched on Wednesday production of an improved version of JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif performed the inauguration of the manufacturing of Block 2 of JF-17 at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in the town of Kamra.

JF-17 Thunder

Block 2…


Added by + CJ on June 18, 2014 at 12:18am — 17 Comments

Al Khalid Pakistan Main Battle Tank

Al-Khalid is jointly produced by Pakistan and China and is one of the most capable Tank in the world. The New Al Khalid I & II versions will be denoted "Super Al Khalid" - SAK

(Super Al-Khalid I & II) or Al-Khalid – Upgraded variant is in testing as of April 2009. Incorporates modifications made to the fire-control system, sensors, IBMS, side-skirts, track pads, auto-loader (rate of fire increased to 9 rounds per minute), Ukrainian Varta…


Added by + CJ on June 16, 2014 at 11:30pm — 7 Comments

World Fastest Car Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

For many American car enthusiasts, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is like something out of the X-Files. Existing in the fuzzy reaches of reality, the car is still somewhat of an anomaly; you're pretty sure it's real, but the chances of actually coming across one are highly improbable—only 46 are being offered globally (six for the U.S.). And if you actually want to buy one, you're completely out of luck—even if you do have the 1.89 million Euro (about $2.7 million) asking price—because…


Added by + CJ on June 16, 2014 at 11:30pm — 21 Comments

Top 5 -coolest-parrots-in-the-world

1. Scarlet Macaw – One of the largest of the Macaw species and a very popular pet. They are native to Central and South America and can live up to 50 years on average. The Scarlet Macaw is known to be very loud, can learn to talk and learn tricks…

Coolest Parrots In The World: Scarlet Macaw

Added by + CJ on June 16, 2014 at 11:23pm — 30 Comments

The phantom Soldiers ♥♥♥SSG♥♥♥

On a sultry night in September 1965, a convoy of heavy trailers transporting Indian tanks was moving on a road in Indian Kashmir when it suddenly came under rocket and machine gun fire. A dozen tanks exploded and burst into flames. In early December 1971, shortly after midnight, a column of Indian infantry was moving towards the front to reinforce a position that was under attack. Suddenly, the silence of the night was broken as sweeping machine gun fire came in from the flanks. Within…


Added by + CJ on June 4, 2014 at 11:44pm — 22 Comments

Michael P. Murphy

Murphy was part of a dedicated team fighting the Taliban, a fundamentalist regime that a U.S.-led coalition knocked from power in Afghanistan in 2001, but has continued to conduct guerilla operations, particularly along the Pakistan border. Murphy worked to help ensure al-Qaeda terrorists could not train in, nor launch strikes from Afghanistan since their lethal attack on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001.Michael Murphy was a National Honor Society student…


Added by + CJ on June 3, 2014 at 12:12pm — 5 Comments

Day of the sniper: The story behind 'the million-dollar shot'

The four-man sniper team hardly dared to breathe. For two days and nights they had waited for the right situation, and it was finally here. To Sgt. 1st Class Brandon McGuire, it seemed that all his prior experiences, such as serving on the 82nd Airborne Division's marksmanship team, as a sniper and reconnaissance platoon observer, and shooting sniper weapons for a scout platoon, had prepared him for this exact moment.…


Added by + CJ on June 3, 2014 at 12:03pm — 18 Comments

World War II Resistance: Operation Valkyrie - The "July Plot" to Assassinate Hitler

At the end of 1943 the Schutz Staffeinel (SS) and the Gestapo managed to arrest several Germans involved in plotting to overthrow…


Added by + CJ on June 3, 2014 at 11:58am — 12 Comments

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