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3 Practical Tips to create a habit of READING QURAN

Three Practical Tips


 Here are the practical tips to get you into the habit of reading the Quran on a daily basis.


Set a daily allocated time, not more than 10 minutes, to read the Quran. I say not more than 10 minutes because if you over do it (especially in the first few days), you won’t come back reading the Quran again. It’s a psychological quirk, don’t ask me! Just simply set a daily 10 minutes a day, whether it’s before/after Fajr, or during your commute, or before you sleep.

Make it a habit: You know brushing your teeth in the morning is a habit? Good, use that same concept with the Quran. It’s part of your morning routine or evening routine or some form of a habit that you consistently do and you would feel incomplete and unhappy if you have not done it.

Sign up to a Quran class: This depends on your level. If you can’t read the Quran, join a class that teaches you how to read. If you can read the Quran, but don’t understand its meanings, start learning Arabic. If you can read the Quran, and can understand it, start memorizing. Whatever it is, make sure you attend a learning circle related to the Quran. Subhan Allah, the Quran is an endless sea of knowledge that one does not tire to explore, so start your journey today.


I want to share with you a very simple practical tip that will help you read the Quran every 30 days insha’Allah.

I’m assuming here that you’re reading the Quran in Arabic and not the translation. There are roughly 600 pages in the Quran, so if you divide 600 pages by 30 days in a month, you get 20 pages to complete in a day, or roughly one Juz’ (1/30th of the Quran). 20 pages per day may sound a lot, but what if you divide it by the 5 daily prayers? You’ll only have to read 4 pages before/after every salah. So, if you can read only 4 pages of Quran after every salah, you can complete reciting the entire Quran in 30 days! Moreover, reading a page of the Quran with recitation and pronunciation can take up to 3 minutes, so 3 minutes x 4 pages = 12 minutes. It’s not a lot, honestly!

Now, if you can manage, imagine the way your life would change if you could supplement this with reading the translation so you understanding the meaning, message, and lessons.




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Comment by maqsood ul hassan on April 30, 2011 at 5:51pm

Just eye opener essay. Very nice


Comment by Mahnoor Jabeen on April 22, 2011 at 1:48am

So simple is life: I never thought earlier. thanks for bringing happiness and unvailing the reality. 

May Allah Bless you and I pray for your success and happiness. 

10 Minutes a day   and specially 4 pages with each prayer. How simple was it, I never thought earlier. Thanks..

Comment by Eagle Dream on March 23, 2011 at 1:04pm
sorry i forgot to mention one thing, that when we read Holy Quran in the morning in Masjid, we read it from plain Quran without tarjuma... it helps test our memory
Comment by Eagle Dream on March 23, 2011 at 12:37pm

Let me tell u a simple way of understanding Holy Quran, those who say one must learn Arabic, in order to read /understandHoly Quran, are right though, but it will take a long time. We have started a class of reading Holy Quran with lafzi tarjuma about seven months back. We have one Alim/Scholar/Mulla/Maulvi, who is an islamic scholar in real sense, he reads about half a page of the Holy Quran daily with word to word translation, then explains the meanings (tafseer). After that his assistant does the same, everybody else listens. The students read the same half page at home (like a homework). The next day everybody reads one ayat or 2 ayat of the same with lafzi tarjuma only without tafseer.

We are about 15 students, when the half page is read by, we re-read it until every student has read a part of it. Then the scholar reads the next half page with lafzi tarjuma and explanation. It becomes homework for the next day.

Every weekend we have class for Arabic Grammer. We are on Juz (sipara) 6 by now. Believe me doing so for the past seven months, on daily basis, in masjid ,after Fajr Prayer, has taught students a great deal of Quranic Tarjuma. Now if someone is reading holy Quran, i can understand a lot ot it. This way we have created a habit of getting up early in the morning and praying Fajr in the masjid. It really is great that I start my day with Fajr prayer and Quran recitation.

To do so, we all purchased Holy Quran with Lafzi tarjuma and ba-muhawara tarjuma. These are available very easily in the market. May be students in their areas, start the same. We have made a pledge that we will not discuss any controvercial islamic issues, just read Holy Quran with WORD TO WORD tanslation. Buy one easy to read and easy to understand Arabic Grammer Book and may start that too as per the availability of time. Everybody should have the same book.

You can also hire a maulvi who can do that, u can fix 1 day for teaching how to read Holy Quran, 1 day for Arabic Grammer, rest of the days for lafzi tarjuma.

What Muslimah has suggested is not practical... it is practical for those who have nothing else to do, or their jobs have flexible hours, or they do not have more responsibilities. Let us be realistic. Fix a time to read it on daily basis, may be an ayat or two or 3 or 4 or 5. But try your best to do it.

What is suggested is very easy, very practical. Let us Pray

Ya Allah, make Holy Quran spring of our hearts, Noor for our chests, cure for our sorrows, Make it hujat for us and not hujat on us, Ya Allah give us sweetness of every letter of it, respect for every word, happiness for every ayat, peace for every sura, and reward for every juz. Ya Allah give us contentment and give us strength to congregational prayer.

اللهم اجعل القرآن ربيع قلوبنا ونور صدورنا وجلاء أحزاننا
اللهم اجعل القرآن حجة لنا ولا تجعله حجة علينا
اللهم ارزقنا بكل حرف من القرآن حلاوة وبكل كلمة كرامة وبكل أية سعادة وبكل سورة سلامة وبكل جزء جزاءا
اللهم ارزقنا القناعة وحبب في قلوبنا صلاة الجماعة

Comment by Shahid Razzaq on March 23, 2011 at 12:02pm
Comment by _╣Ayesha Awan╠_ on March 22, 2011 at 7:24pm
Comment by Farrukh Zeeshan on March 22, 2011 at 7:08pm



Comment by Ayesha Waheed on March 22, 2011 at 6:23pm
Very effective msg Muslimah sis.....may ALLAH bless you.Gud efforts

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