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When we discussed about the education system of any country, we compare it with the developed country. The countries which has maximum literacy rate are developed. Recent time the European countries are most developed countries. These countries have standard education system.

When we discuss an education system 1st of all we think about the motivation of students for studies. The more a student is motivated more interest he will show in studies. In our country no motivation system is present. Children are forced to go to school. If there result is not good than scolding and punishment is used.
Everyone will be agreeing that human nature is so that it opposes the bounding. A teacher or parent punishing the student should think that when he was a student he hates the teacher who punishes them most often, but like a teacher who motivates them. When the student is punished again and again he starts to runaway from the system.
Now come to career planning. The career of Pakistani students is setup after matriculation. However in Europe the career is planned after completion of primary education then other thing how career is planned. In our country father told his son that I wish that you would be a doctor and you must be. Here a student best in fine arts is forced to join engineering studies and this force make the student a rebel. Vice versa in Europe the career planning councils are working which help the student after analyzing that what field they should choose.
Next thing is method of teaching. The teaching method in most of Govt. institutes and in some private institutes so, that teacher comes in class room ask the students to open the book of bio from page No.5 and start reading. After reading two to three pages tell them that there will be a test tomorrow from this lesson. It’s of no importance that whether students understand the topic or not. The 1st and foremost issue is get a hundred percent result by punishing students to learn the lesson by heart.
No teacher training is available in our country. And if someone tries to arrange a teacher training workshop the most of teacher said now we will learn, these new guys will teach us.
The other thing the pay and status of teacher is nothing in our country. No facilitations other than a minute salary are given to them. So people don’t like to join this profession. And those who join are not satisfied. They don’t teach in class and ask student to take tuition from them. Hence the student that can not afford tuition fee can not get proper knowledge.
From many of problems of educations system of Pakistan is its examination system. The changing of examination system every year create problem for teachers as well as for student. The student have to study 7 or 8 books for a whole year and after that a single paper is taken for every book that can not give the exact evaluation of student in that particular subject. Here the question how the abilities of a student can judge by a single paper.
After that comes the marking process. The paper marking teacher get Rs.10 or Rs.7 for every paper marked. So he tries to mark more paper that he can. And a number of teachers marking the papers are not qualified much to evaluate or even to understand the particular subject that’s they are marking. As a result they are unable to check the paper with honesty. And in hurry give more or less marks.
Another problem is entry test. A students passing with good marks from F.sc have to give entry test to get admission in medical or engineering college. Here the point is does the board passing him is wrong? Or there are some other intentions of institutes.
The topic is very sensitive and very long but making it short at last I have only one thing in my mind. This problem is ignored one. Since our freedom no importance has been given to this problem. Our nation can only be prospers when proper treatment of this problem will made. Other wise the conditions will become worse day by day. Now it’s on us what we want to give to our next generations death of misery or glory of our educated past.

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Comment by _Mr-_-_-_cOoL_ on March 10, 2013 at 11:02am

hmm right

Comment by Ahmad on December 5, 2009 at 5:13pm
Thanks for comments.........
I think we need to look at how we can increase enrollment figures by making schools more accessible and better resourced.

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