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Santa Clarita has grown so quickly, that some business owners cannot keep up. All day long I hear about "how this business shut down", and oh, "we are down sizing." It seems like the economy has a strong hold on people these days. Everyone is looking for a deal and looking for cheap services. Santa Clarita has always been well known for the "Soccer Mom" life and the "SUVs" Things don't seem like that these days. I've seen more SUVs at the local used car lots, than I see at the dealership. No one is buying hummers anymore....strange.

With the down-sizing of business and the economy in crunch mode, everyone is looking to cut corners. Ad agencies have seen a huge loss and it seems like home businesses are on the rise. Being a Graphic Designer in Santa Clarita is a great thing because many home businesses and local organizations are still on the lookout for creative people. I've seen mediocre graphic designers make great business and turn their hobbies into full time careers in this growing town. It's amazing because even the worst graphic designers and web designers are still getting work. Many times business owners even go to the local colleges and hire graphic designers for something cheap and quick. Ironically enough, graphic design and web design was on a high rise during the early 80 and 90's due to the growth of online communications.

Graphic Design departments at the local schools are probably less busy than they were several years ago. It seems that most of us who grew up in the early 80's are now graphic and web designers. Most of us were old enough to understand the beginning of the internet. As much as I would like to believe that my generation is the peak of technology, we've barely seen the half of it. Teenagers these days are tapping into technology faster than any of us. It's amazing to hear about the 12 and 13 year old kids who are making movies and becoming popular on sites like Youtube. The good thing is that all the teens are so busy with all this technology stuff, that most of them forget about the money opportunities involved. Most of us that still have good work ethics are busting our butts to make a few bucks and find work.

Santa Clarita is a great place to find freelance work. So many business owners are looking for temps, interns and low budget workers. I think more than half of Santa Clarita is "Small Business." I think of Santa Clarita as more of a College Town, because 80% of the companies pay low wages, similar to what you might make as a college intern. Even Magic Mountain, one of the largest organizations in this valley pays minimum wage.

I'm not saying that being a Graphic Designer in Santa Clarita will make you rich, but it is definitely a needed skill. If you hate working for a company for slave wages, or just want to get our of your job, Graphic Design might be your solution. Yes it is service based and there are negatives, just like with any job, but hey, you can work from home and on your own time.

Most companies spend all their time doing traditional advertising, and don't spend enough time to get their websites visible online. I only mention this because there is almost no competition in the search engines for Local Graphic Designers. As a Graphic Designer in Santa Clarita this is a tremendous asset. Get your portfolio online, advertise as a Graphic Designer and who knows, you may end up at the top of the search engines. Of course there are a few more steps involved, but the competition isn't fighting hard enough and you could win.

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