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Of course all of us have strong faith in ourselves and know how to tackle bad situations, but don't you feel sometimes as if you're not getting what you deserve? Life might be going perfect but then something so unpleasant and unexpected happens that you find yourself questioning the meaning of your existence for a longer time than usual before arriving at the inevitable conclusion that such calamities are a part of life, a test of the endurance of your faith, and therefore must be endured.
There is a general notion that if you do good deeds, mostly good stuff would happen to you. Not necessarily. Oh, being good does have its own rewards -- you gain strength of character, help others, and make the world a better place to live in. All I'm saying is that don't expect other people to appreciate you for it. If they do, it's your own luck, your own fortune. I can fill a whole book with the names of people who did invaluable services to humanity, but remain unappreciated in history. Does this mean that these people didn't try hard enough to gain the kind of respect they deserved? Of course they did. In fact, they were the ones who tried the hardest. Yet their efforts, it seems, were in vain. Well, I have a theory. Let me explain. You must have heard the phrase 'Insaan apni kismat khud banata hai'. (Every man makes his own fate). I have finally discovered what that means. It doesn't mean that if you do well in the first half of your life you will have it easy in the second half. No. You might have it easy or you might not. So where does fate come in, you ask. Or you might say that this is fate and one doesn't have the power to mould it the way one wants. I've finally discovered what it means. The point is doing good deeds in the first half of life is not the reason some people have blissful lives till the end of their days. Getting to enjoy a happy life on the basis of your deeds would happen only in a place where there's justice. And this world is not the place where people get what they deserve; here it's often the other way round. That is the reason God says there will be justice on the Day of Judgment. He knows this place is not meant for fair dealings and that's why He created an after-life where people would get what they deserve. See what I’m getting at? Man does create his own fate -- only it's the fate of his afer-life. So you can do good things all your life and still have a life that pretty much sucks while many people around you may be pretentious, double-faced cheats who make other people's lives miserable and still seem to get away with it.
You might think whether investing in your after-life is worth the trouble. It is! The after-life is for eternity and it's true that it is impossible for us to imagine eternity but it is possible for us to take a leap of faith and believe in God when He says everyone will get what they deserve in another life that will extend till infinity. So, the next time you cry out in frustration when a shallow, stupid and powerful person kicks you down the ladder and tramples over you to get to the top, just remember that one day he will be exposed in front of everyone while still clinging to the topmost rung! OK, it may not be as dramatic as this, but rest assured that God is watching you struggle and is taking into account every time someone takes your silent suffering as a license to cause further pain. So forget the oafs who trample over you. Just get up, brush yourself, look ahead and tell yourself to smile. God is watching you and He won't let you struggle in vain. You're in safe hands.

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Comment by ___ ¤°»ÏrRê§ìstìߣe«°¤ on January 17, 2010 at 8:20am
Hmmm very well described..:). I love that "life is beautiful" but i have a question in my mind. "Is life really truly something beautiful? Why? Is hope for something amazing to come along worthless? Not trying to sound depressing, but is life worth the suffering or joy? Is HOPE for a miracle or something surpassing and great, ultimately hopeless? If one lives their whole life with hope in optimism, even though they've been treated like a doormat in all his/her life's entirety, is he/she foolish?

People say happiness is a choice. Hope can be good, but it is a double edge if you're let down ...the hurt seems to be multiplied as a result of high hopes. I, myself, am usually pleased at the results in life...therefore happy (though sometimes not..:)). In my opinion, someone that choses to be optimistic usually does it as a defense mechanism. Do you think they really believe that everything will always turn out okay or great? Probably not. And their expectations most of the time are unrealistic. When they do end up hurt and disappointed, they will use the same optimism to get them out of feeling depressed...therefore, it is also a coping mechanism.
On the other hand, I used to joke with anybody who complained about their misfortunes. I'd say, "It's good for you -- it builds character"! I was only teasing them, but there is a lot of truth to the phrase. The best way to handle life is to hope for the best, but plan (prepare your heart & mind) for the worst. Don't let your sense of happiness hinge on what you have, or don't have -- let it come from within. Are you content with who & what you are? Do you dwell on "stuff" (material things)? There are basically four different personality types: The Otter (playful, care-free, & aloof), the Beaver (perfectionist & work-a-holic), the Lion (one who needs to be the center of attention / the "control freak"), & the Golden Retriever (the co-dependent "doormat" / the one who tries to please everyone). Being mostly a Golden Retriever type myself, I had to learn how to yank my "doormat" self out from under the feet of the abusive Lion type. I had to learn how to find self-worth from other sources than being the "pleaser" all the time. I stopped looking for approval from anyone but God Himself. I started accepting life as He laid it before me, & found it to be quite the adventure (w/ very little disappointment). I don't know what other advice to give that doesn't include faith in Allah, the Almighty -- for me, there's no other way!...:)

Ohh!! I think its enough otherwise it will turn out to be an unending serial, like “Indian Dramas”…:).

“Life is all about you and how you treat it
You criticizes it...well, you're actually criticizing yourself
You like it, you hate it..well, its all up to you
Life is you so be careful how you describe it”…Hey “M”!!! its nah …what should I say…hmmm…simply superb and worth a million times reading…:) Another example of “thinking always positive”.
Comment by Shehla Gul on January 10, 2010 at 11:02am
U did best in your writings...its true that although we have good deeds but still we can't get the reward in this world..and as a Muslim we must believe that we ll get reward in the day of u said that if couldn't get reward in this world then we ll definitely get after death...but i believe in this and u look around in our society that in present century we get reward and punishment after sometimes...we d't have to wait for long time...

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