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                                        1. The Hope Diamond     

The Hope Diamond is not only one of the most famous gems in the world, but it is
also one of the largest blue diamonds (4th�largest). It's physical value might
be estimated but it's historical importance is priceless. It is so old that no
one knows exactly when it was discovered. However, it already had an owner in
1668, in the person of an Indian slave who claimed that the 112 carats stone
(which he believed to be a sapphire) came from the eye of an idol. Jean Baptiste
Tavernier, a traveler and a gem merchant bought it and sold it afterwards to
King Louis XIV of France. Its price today is estimated at $250 million. The
legend says that this diamond was�cursed�by the Hindu priests of the temple from
where it was stolen.


                                        2. The Golden Jubilee



The Golden Jubilee is holding the title of the world's largest faceted diamond
in the world, measuring 545,67 carats. It was discovered in 1985, in the Premier
mine of South Africa. At first, it was considered an ugly brown diamond. Gabriel
Tolkowsky received the diamond, which was supposed to be used at testing some
new tools and cutting methods. The result astonished everyone. It turned out
that the Unnamed Brown was actually a very beautiful yellow-brown diamond. It
remained unnamed until it was presented to the king of Thailand in 1997, for the
50th�anniversary of his coronation (thus, its name).


                                        3. The Cullinan I   


One of the most famous diamonds in the world, Cullingam I was justly considered
the largest diamond in the world up to the discovery of the Golden Jubilee. Also
known as The star of Africa, the pear-shaped stone is the largest of the 9
diamonds cut from the largest rough diamond ever, the Cullinan diamond(3106,75
carats). Currently, it is the head of St. Edward's scepter, one of the British
Crown Jewels but it can be removed and worn as a brooch.

                                        4. The Idol's Eye   


The idol's eye is one of the most mysterious diamonds in the world. Its entire
history is unknown; we have no idea where it came from, when it was discovered
or who owned it. The only clue is its name, The Idol's Eye. It appeared in a
note, at Christie's when it was described as a flawless large diamond. It was
bought by an anonymous buyer and disappeared again for some years. Its owners
changed several times afterwards and was bought in 1979 by Mr. Laurence Graff,
who sold it again in 1983, to an anonymous buyer who is believed to own the
diamond today.

                                        5. The Spirit of de Grisogono  



This is one of the famous diamonds in the world. It is also known as the largest
cut black diamond, and it measures 312, 24carats. This beautiful diamond was
named after the Swiss jeweler who cut it, using the old Mogul style. The result
was the jewel you see in the picture and it is the work of an entire year.
Currently, it is owned by a private client, who must be a very fortunate person.



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