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Most Shark Infested Beaches in the World

Most Shark Infested Beaches in the World

Top 10 Most Shark Infested Beaches in the World

The cool summer breeze, the perfect sand grains, and the strong waves of the ocean—these are just everything you need for an ideal vacation in the beach. However, be careful with your choice of beach because there might just be sharks lurking in the water, turning your exciting beach vacation to a terrifying nightmare! The least you want to happen is to swim on a shark-infested water. Here are the top 10 most shark-infested beaches in the world:

10. Gansbaai, South Africa (aka “Shark Alley”)


Gansbaii is known to be the great white shark capital of the world. Great white sharks are known for their razor-sharp teeth, huge mouths, and prevalent eyes, making them frightening and amusing at the same time. Gansbaii has been a tourist spot with great white sharks as its major attraction. If you want to go for the brave and adventurous side of your tour, you can join the boats that show divers submerging in a cage and using a dangle for the white sharks to attack the cage of divers. If you cannot take the risk and danger of that adventure, you can also just watch the sharks feasting on a seal population. Gansbaii is truly not the place for a daytime swim or lounging.

9.Kosi Bay, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa


If you think sharks can only dwell in oceans, then you have not yet heard of Zambezi sharks or Bull sharks in Kosi Bay. Famous for being the most aggressive type of sharks, they can also swim through lakes and rivers. Picturesque and dramatic—this is how the Kosi Bay is always described. Lies underneath its four lakes are shark-infested waters. The KwaZulu Natal is also connected to the Indian Ocean, while the Bull sharks have been spotted in the Mississippi River in the U.S all the way from the Kosi Bay.


8.  New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA


Who says a popular beach such as New Smyrna can get spared from the swimming monsters? New Smyrna Beach is touted as the shark capital attack of the world as it is one of the most frequented beaches in Florida and people have been swimming and surfing in this beach—maybe they cannot help but fall in love with its waves. What these people do not know is Florida sharks may not be as aggressive as white and bull sharks, they can still accidentally attack people. The beach homes to a terrifying number of spinner, tiger, and blacktip sharks which causes the wonder why this continues to be a popular beach resort. New Smyrna’s off coast has been witness to the most number of shark attacks more than any beach in the world. Think twice before plunging to a deep dive!

7. Bolinas, California


Surfing in the cold waves of Bolinas, with white sharks waiting for you as their next meal is truly a thrilling thought. A 24-year old surfer was attacked by a shark in 2002, which required 1-00 stitches for his wounds. The California coast homes great white sharks, with great pangs of terror and danger waiting for surfers who brave their way through the cold waters of Bolinas.


6. Recife, Brazil


The coast of Recife is almost perfect for your ideal vacation—perfect sun for a nice tan, relaxing seashore breeze—not until you find out that this beach has had already more than 50 shark attacks and a significant number of people have already died because of the dangerous sharks. Recife is believed to be the most fatal place in the world, due to shark attacks. A record of 1 death in every three shark attacks undeniably makes Recife a tragic and dangerous beach to be in. Recife is also named as the most deadly dsharl attack spot in the world and it did not take much for the beach to earn the reputation because the bull sharks that dwell in this coast are truly aggressive. You might want to just get a tan somewhere else safe.


5. Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua


Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America and it is not an entirely safe place to swim in. Bull sharks have also infested the freshwater lake, which makes the place more dangerous. Before, it was believed that these sharks were just trapped in the freshwater lake, but scientists discovered that the sharks were able to jump to the San Juan river. There are not much reports on deaths caused by shark attacks in Lake Nicaragua, but the fact that their jaws and teeth might just be waiting for a deadly clench will make you want to stay out of this famous lake.

4. Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia


Surfers love heading to the waters of Bondi Beach, unfortunately its waters are infested with Bull sharks that have already taken the lives of a lot of people—a young woman in 2006, a 16-yr old bodyboarder in 2008, a surfer in the same year, and divers who had close encounter with the swimming monsters. Bondi beach has climbed all the way up to being one of the most shark infested beaches in the world with its high shark attack concentration.


3. Reunion Island


The isolated Reunion island is believed to be have one of the most number of shark attacks in the world. With more than 24 shark attacks recorded since 1980, the Reunion island will indeed give you a terrifying encounter with the sharks if you stay near the coast. There are bull and tiger sharks infesting these waters—sharks that are known for their aggressive characteristics when attacking people.


2.West End, Grand Bahamas


The West End on Grand Bahama is known to be home to various type of sharks—tiger beach, hammerheads, blacktips, and bull sharks. There is no reported and recorded death from shark attack in the area, but Bahamas has been popular for its brutal shark attacks.

1.Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa


You cannot deny the beauty of the coastlines of Umhlanga Rocks, but you cannot also help but to worry about the huge and aggressive white and bull sharks swimming along the shores of the Indian ocean, near Kosi Bay, which is another shark-infested body of water.

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