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It’s just the beginning of a brand new year. If you're prone to optimism, as it is, the traditions are followed eagerly in almost all parts of Pakistan. Midnight parties, verbal countdowns, wishes, gifts and of course, the impregnable spirit of resolutions.

Not that there's anything wrong with making promises to oneself. I am all for grabbing a sheet and filling it with the imperfections one has seen through the year along with their possible solutions. And if nothing, at least there's the glow of having tried to become a better person. Who cares if you chew food horribly this year the same way you did the last one.

So in keeping with this trend, here are some resolutions worth mentioning:

Break cell phone addiction
From hence onwards, the lure of unlimited text messages and hourly reduced call rates will not tempt me to have the contraption glued to my palm or ears. The clothes to be ironed will take preference over whether the battery bars are full or not. More interest will be taken of personal relationships instead of brand new accessories to match the current handset. Only one new handset every three months, maybe!

Sugar free
In light of the present sugar related crisis, the amount of white gold poured into latte mugs will be reduced to only one teaspoon. Single purchases of ice cream will be replaced by litre tubs. Special cargo pants equipped with water holder, magazine keeper and mobile pouch will be kept aside for those long queues and no more quips about how standing for hours to buy weight gaining stuff defeats the government's long term health plan.

More take away
The allergy to the kitchen will remain uncured, allowing less gas to be consumed should one be forced to start displaying culinary skills. Food bought from outside sources is a better option as well as less consumption of gas given the tough, stringy meat and gooey naans.

Gender bias improvement
One will not assume that anyone with a Y chromosome along with expensive gadgets may actually boast of a smart brain too. It will be only after the said specimen has shown proper respect, patience, willingness, cooperation, good humour, wits and some skills to be awarded the term 'decent'.

Everything in skinny jeans and heels will not be assumed to be a great catch. Proper display of subservience, wide eyed adoration, fashion interest and ability to laugh at every joke will deem the specimen worthy to attain the next level.

Fashion slavery abolished
Before buying fashionable clothes, one must first observe if the style looks good on one's own self. One must not purchase yards and yards of a single trouser material to achieve the look of a flyaway tent. Thin ties do not necessarily mean substituting fish bait for material.

No procrastination
One must do pending chores as soon as possible. After careful observation of last year’s numerous soap episodes, it has been concluded that no electricity impedes one's daily life activities.

Last but not the least (let’s do it ourselves)

Pakistan, our beautiful country with a rich culture, has a population of nearly 160 million. It is a land that has nurtured many great civilisations and one can find breathtaking sceneries and wonderful historical sites here.
Pakistan is an agricultural country so it is rich in its crop yield. We export wheat, sugar, cotton, rice, fruits, vegetables, etc. From languages to costumes to food, festivals and lifestyle, all the four provinces of Pakistan symbolise the affluent civilisation of this part of the world.

Besides these four major cultures of respective provinces, other cultures also exist in the land of Pakistan and the people belonging to other religions and cultural backgrounds follow their norms liberally, which indicates that we are a considerate nation. But unfortunately, due to some unpleasant events, Pakistan’s image has been tinted at the international level and now Pakistan has been tagged as ‘a land of terrorists’.
Now we, as faithful and thoughtful citizens, should ponder upon the root causes of this issue. The problem is that all of us — from the head of the state to the commonest of the citizens — everybody is quite busy in a world of his/her own. Every single person is only interested in his/her life and does not give a single thought to the country’s problems. However, if you look at other nations, you will be amazed to see them helping each other, respecting relationships, following rules whether it is traffic rules or any other. Since we think we are a nation full of humanity and prowess, we fail to accept that in spite of living together as a family, we are separate mentally! And sadly, we never leave a chance to criticise others and pointing out their blunders or mistakes instead of looking at our own faults.

The major reason behind our failure is a low literacy level, which leads to unemployment, poverty and frustration, which then leads to immoral and criminal activities, thus making a chain of events that contribute to the failure of the nation as a whole.

Inflation is leading to the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer with each passing day. People in the villages work the whole day long under a scorching sun; in large cities like Karachi, factory workers are forced to work for more than 12 hours a day. And despite all their hard work, these poor people find it hard to have three meals every day, they can’t send their children to schools because their income level does not allow them to dream of a prosperous future. This certainly was not the idea behind getting an independent state —‘Pakistan.

We, the young generation, are the future leaders of Pakistan. We are responsible for bringing prosperity in the country. It is our duty to eradicate all the ills in society. Lastly, I would like to say it is up to us to follow the principles of our great leader, the Quaid-i-Azam, only that way we can build a prosperous and progressive Pakistan.

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Comment by ___ ¤°»ÏrRê§ìstìߣe«°¤ on January 2, 2010 at 10:52am
Thanks a lot Kracker for your compliment warna " kahin hum aor kahin yeh nekhat e gul"...Nasim e subah teri mehrbani"....i love to sphere some time for reading almost on daily basis whether its a newspaper, a novel, English drama or a magazine....:)

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