Seven Most Enormous species of Snake

1. Emerald Boa Constrictor:

There are several kinds of snake which eat their prey whole after strangling the life out of them, and these are not creatures you want to mess with, because one of them holds the title of world’s biggest snake, while the others are not that far behind in terms of size and power.  There are Boa constrictor varieties and Pythons.

2. African Rock Python

Other snake species which are extremely long and strong include the African Rock Python , one of which is said to be the heaviest living snake in captivity. These fearsome snakes average  18ft in length and can weigh upwards of 160 lbs, but as they continue to grow throughout their lives, it is perfectly possible that undiscovered larger specimens exist.

3. Indian Python

Another massive snake native to the Indian sub-continent is the Indian Python, often said to be the snake with the widest girth in the world.  The longest specimen measured came in at just 0ver 19ft, though it is by no means certain that this is as large as they might get.  They are almost certainly similar in size, if not smaller than their cousin,  the Australian Scrub Python, also found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, which comes in at up to 25ft.

4.Scrub Python

The biggest Reticulated Pythonever measured was ‘Colossus’ , housed in the Pittsburgh Zoo in the 1950s , and 28.5 feet in length.. In spite of a standing offer of $50,000 for a live, healthy snake over 30 feet long by the New York Zoological Society, no attempt to claim this reward has ever been made. Reticulated Pythons are certainly among  the longest but not the largest, being relatively slim, snakes,  but this species has been responsible for several human deaths. They are among the few snakes that reportedly eat people, though few cases ever get authenticated.. On an island in the Phillipines, In 1932, a teenage boy was reported eaten by a 25-ft. reticulated python. When found, one could see a human child shape inside the snake. According to Mark Auliya, the corpse of 32-year-old Lantod Gumiliu was supposedly recovered from the belly of a.23 ft.specimen on Mindoro, probably in January, 1998, but it is widely believed that this claim was false.

5. Reticulated Python  eating large bird

All of these predators kill their prey by crushing it within the coils of their large, powerful bodies, squeezing until the poor victim suffocates or dies from internal bleeding. Then the snake unhinges its jaw and swallows the victim whole. Sometimes the snake is unable to move for several days while digesting the animal, none of which goes to waste, and one meal, if large enough, can mean the snake not needing to hunt again for a whole year and possibly longer.

6. The Mighty Anaconda

Anacondas are rather slow-moving snakes, so they have to rely on stealth. They are solitary creatures that are somewhat shy and not easily seen. They are well camouflaged in the swamps and bogs in which they thrive. Their teeth are not used for chewing, but for holding on to their prey, preventing it from escaping.

7. Titan Boa as it might have apeared in real life

These are snakes that should scare the life out of you, because the power in their muscular bodies is awesome. Thankfully they tend to be shy of contact with humans in the wild, and rarely present any real threat, but do not harbor any illusions. In the right circumstances you could quite easily be just another prey animal being squeezed to a lingering death. The incredible snakes are undoubtedly fascinating to see, but never forget that they are deadly. Nature at her wonderful, cruel best

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