Side Effects of Energy Drinks

As energy drinks are expensive. If you belong to a median income family then don’t drink them thinking that they will provide you energy, instead they will be draining your income.
There is a lot of sugar added in the energy drinks to make them drinkable. There is a high chance of catching diabetes if a person drinks energy drinks regularly. The high sugar intake can lead to obesity as well.
A person who uses energy drinks regularly can be addicted to them as there are ingredients in energy drinks which will keep you tempted to consume more of it.
Water is an essential component of a body. Don’t ever try to use energy drinks to restore the water level of the body after doing an exercise or any hectic work.
It is strongly recommended to women not to consume energy drinks during pregnancy because Inositol is a part of energy drinks, which can cause stomach disorders as well as liver diseases.
Caffeine is the central most ingredient in energy drinks and is used in high proportion as well. There are endless side effects of caffeine some of them include irritability over time, regular nausea, nervousness and feeling jitters most of the times. While excessive use caffeine can also cause breast shrinkage in females.
Some people drink energy drink to stay awake. It is true that energy drinks can cause sleeplessness because Ginseng is added in the energy drinks. The side effects of Ginseng are nausea and diarrhea being uncommon and headaches, nosebleed and high blood pressure being the common ones.
Children should avoid energy drinks because they have weak immune system and are most likely to be affected more severely by the side effects of energy drinks.


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Comment by ♥♥Let it Grow♥♥ on April 1, 2013 at 3:41pm

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