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The floods have been disastrous for all but they have been the worst for the poor. The ones suffering the most consequences of the flood are women and children. However, one can't help but notice the failure of the government in acting up according to what the situation demands. The images of the helpless poor gone mad with hunger - for the first time men and women fighting each other over inadequate donated rations; children picking out fallen food grains from the ground; and the fury and grief of those who lost everything they had - which wasn't much to begin with. It all brings to mind what happens when people have nothing left to lose. One of the starkest examples goes back less than a hundred years ago. The First World War took ten million lives across Europe and Russia. The Russian Czar and his feudal monarchy remained unmoved by the growing hunger of 24 million serfs over the three years of war. A peaceful demonstration of the starving approached the Czar's palace. Hundreds were shot down in cold blood, quite needlessly. They were unarmed and too weak to put up a fight anyway: all they wanted was food. Then the people realised nothing was going to change unless ... In 1917 a revolution took place, the Bolsheviks came in, and the rest is history.
The situation here is a bit different. People get drowned out of home and hearth not only by natural calamity but also by man-made ones, when the overlords and politically powerful save their own lands by diverting the river's overflow that flood the villages of the poor. They die of the neglect and callousness of their masters and rulers. They live miserable, meaningless lives, stalked by hunger, disease and violence till the end. Now increasingly, people no longer want to die that way.
Imagine, as a woman, you are living a nightmare you never thought possible. You are standing by a choppy river. You think you are at a safe distance, but suddenly the earth gives way beneath your feet. You are suddenly flat on your back and the next moment the waves are over your head. You are tossed onto the river and the current drags you away at terrifying speed. There's nothing to hold onto and you don't even know how to swim.
Another scenario is you hear shouted warnings not to seek refuge in your home but to take your family and run to a higher ground. You are trying to gather all your frightened children together. There are too many of them so you can't even pick all of them up in your embrace, just the littlest two. The rest follow or have to be dragged by the older ones. The younger ones keep slipping and falling and can't keep up and after a while you can't either. The water's at your feet, and not long after at your knees. You're missing a child or two. You look wildly, helplessly around, screaming out their names. What must it have been like for the woman who lost all of her seven children to the unleashed river?
Even before it's all over, there'll be enough horror stories to fill an encyclopaedia. The floods have been disastrous for all but they have been the worst for the poor. The ones suffering the most consequences of the flood are women and children. Three and a half million children face water-borne diseases that can kill if untreated and the smallest and weakest children don't have a ghost of a chance because the state machinery can't cope or can't reach them.

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