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Tips to Become an Ideal Muslim mother

Muslim children have rights over their parents: shelter, food, clothing, health, hygiene, and education. Therefore, parents are obligated to provide these for them. Fathers must provide the financial means and assurance of all these necessities, while mothers must maintain and disseminate them. In being the children’s primary educator, mothers must always strive to be caring, compassionate, and healthy role models who practice what they preach.

IMP Tips to Achieve Happiness as an Ideal Muslim mother

Be a Student of Allah – Gaining knowledge is a duty for every Muslim. Studying our deen, religion and way of life is especially more important when you are a mother, because it’s your responsibility to teach your children what’s important that your faith.

And, to practice it accordingly so together, you can work to achieve the greatest goal: entrance into jennah, Heaven. Your studies should include the Qur’an, Sunnah and Sirah of our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, learning about the Sahabah, and all our secular studies intertwining Islamic history, science, and culture within them.

Embody Islam – Everything you need to know to achieve a strong character, pleasant personality, sound manners, and high moral and ethics is found in the Qur’an and Sunnah. A Muslim mother should be truthful, sincere, secure, honest, loving, resourceful, stable-minded, and strive to be her children’s most compassionate caregiver who they will always feel comfort in turning to first.

Instill Intellectual Inquiry as the Root to Gaining Complete Knowledge – There is more benefit to creating a life-long learner by teaching a child to love learning, through investigative reasoning, discovery and inventive creation-building based on the child’s own curiosity.

Be a keen and adaptive educator. It is your duty to be astute to each of your children’s different personalities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, sensitivities, and talents. By being fully aware of each of your children’s similarities and differences, you will have the patience to cater to their every need and desires in a personalized way. It is imperative that you treat each child with tact and the right amount of attention they deserve. By doing so, your children will never doubt that home is their most safe and secure place in this world.

Offer guidance in a nurturing environment. As your children’s primary advisor, you must assure that you maintain a trustworthy and respectful atmosphere to allow your children the comfort to find deep understanding and appreciation for everything you teach them in this world. When children have a supportive environment, they will grow and thrive in any or all subjects you teach them, whether the education be religious, secular, cultural, physical, artistic, logic, home economics, civics, politics, money management or any life lesson you teach them.

Be a Delightful Disciplinarian and Just Judge. When you maintain a hair, honest and patient demeanor, your children willfully accepts strict rules, understandable limitations, frequent rewards, and just punishment. Children actually thrive in environments that values rules, because it affords them the opportunity to please others in the process, such as their parents, and Allah. To be most effective, you must remain steadfast, stable, and consistent it all dealings, otherwise your children will undermine you authority if they sense that you don’t value your authority yourself.

Be a Resourceful Family Fun Leader. It’s critical that you offer your children lively, creative, exciting, unexpected, funny and colorful entertainment that is halal/permissible. By offering your children all the pleasures this world has to offer in context of Islam and in safe environment of your family’s presence, they will develop confidence and self respect for their individuality, that they will not be affected nor desire haram/prohibited outside influence. Regardless if you live in a primarily Muslim or non-Muslim culture, it is your duty not to permit your children to assimilate to un-Islamic customs, nor will you isolate from un-Islamic lifestyles. It is your duty to show them all forms of cultural understanding, and as long as you follow the Sunnah you will develop strong Muslims worthy of be emulated by others in this life. For living life righteously means living without fear of being ridiculed, or desiring praise from people in this world. After all, you owe it to yourself and your children to only desire to please Allah and Only Him, in all that you do.

Top Reasons Every Muslim mother Should Consider Homeschooling

Continuously increasing ‘Alm, Knowledge, is a duty and obligation of every Muslim. As a Muslim Mother, your duty is to provide your children with the best-rounded, complete and enriching education possible, which includes their spiritual and secular education. Since it is your children’s right you are obliged to weigh all possible educational options. And, as your children’s first teacher in life, homeschooling is the most natural, and possibly the most Islamic option to date.

Top Reasons to Why Every Muslim mother Should Consider Homeschooling

The best teacher is caring, compassionate, patient, resourceful, loving, who understand his/her student’s personal needs, desires, hopes, dreams, weaknesses, strengths, dislikes, likes, wonders, fears, individual learning styles, levels and abilities so he/she can give the most personalized teaching program possible for his/her student can fully excel and thrive. Can you imagine even the best teacher figuring out how to do this with25-30 different students every 9-months with a 3-month break in between? Highly improbable.

As a mother, you are the primary influence to your children’s character. No one knows your children more than you, and your children trusts or respects no one more than you.

As a mother, it is your responsibility to notice gaps in your children’s education and upbringing and discover means of filling that void. With failing public educational system, most mothers are already filling in the gaps with every subject in life beyond the test-able Reading and Math. Missing pieces include Writing, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Money Management, Politics, Civic duties, Charitable Giving, Domestic Studies, Physical Education, Ethics, Commerce, Communications, Technology, Keyboarding, Engineering, Literary Analysis, Public Speaking, Invention, Innovation, Recreations, Health & Hygiene, Organizational Skill-Building, and real Socialization. Since you’re already exerting much energy and resources, it’s more effective and efficient use of your time to educate your children right, right from the start.

A home environment provides freedom of choice what to study, when, how, where, with who you choose, and to figure out why it’s necessary in the first place. Therefore, Muslim motherscan prioritize our structured ibadah (acts of worship), as the framework of your day. For example, your prayers can be prayed on-time, your studies and activities can surround Friday jummah (congregational prayers) and Ramadan fasting. Rather then adjusting our religious duties around a structured school schedule, you’ll have the liberty to create your lifestyle that blends your education within, not without Islam.

Learning about our deen, religion and way of life should not be taught as one Islamic studies subject, but it needs to be rooted in all subjects such as History, Geography, Science, Math, Literature and Language Studies. Learning Qur’an is an art and craft that is much more than memorization. Qur’anic studies includes reading Arabic as a language, reciting based on the rule of Tajweed, writing unique to the Qur’an,

Depth of knowledge, deeper appreciation on topics taught, self-directed discovery and experimental investigation to help a child learn any lesson beyond test-taking is greatly missed in school. School’s primary focus is on measurable benchmarks that not based on intelligence, creativity, and educational understanding; rather Math techniques and Reading levels. With a nurturing environment based on love in the home setting, a homeschool mom can measure success by mastery of any and all topics studies and explored. Comprehension of based on tafsir (full meaning of the Qur’anic ayats) not strictly translation of Arabic as a separate language. While Arabic, Qur’an and Deen may not be your areas of expertise, the great advantage of homeschooling, is the flexibility of cooperating efforts with other families, hiring private experts (not tutors or assistants), travel overseas during low-travel seasons for a fraction of the costs and explore creative and more comprehensive options not afforded by any public, private, or Islamic school system.

Only at home can one teach, learn and actually “test” if real knowledge is gained through one’s individualized educational program. Since our duty to Allah is to gain knowledge and not necessarily “go to school”, a rational argument would be that “school” is not only a poor choice for your children, but possibly a waste of their childhood years.

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