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To All Blind Haters And Hypocrites Who Don't Stop...

                   أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

                                   I Seek Refuge With (الله)God From The Stoned Shaitan (Satan)


                                                           بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

                                   In The Name Of (الله)God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


                                       To All Blind Haters And Hypocrites Who Don't Stop...





Raouia-Rawiya Barradi


This, is for all the blind haters who don’t stop pointing their finger and criticizing or make fun of the Muslim men who have a beard. So let me tell you that these men look like as men and they are far better and good looking with their beard than some men who turn as a slave because of fashion which make them dress and have a look like women that sometimes you can easily get confused wondering is that a man or a woman?  “Oh my God! It’s a Man “(o_O)!?!


So who look more as a Man to you?


So I think no need for an answer!



I believe that those 2 men(1st pics)  if they keep themselves as naturally are, there’s no doubt that they will look like as men.


I don’t know if you don’t think or already notice or you don’t open your eyes!! Maybe the media and Hollywood brainwashed you so much via their lies that some start really to believe, that a Muslim is an arab, so wherever you see a Muslim that means is an arab and one with a long beard and unfortunately some people out of ignorance still believe and think this! showing always that is a bad guy!! But in the other side those hypocrites, when it’s a movie where we see the hero, the main character is a warrior so in the majority of them how they look? how they make them look? Take a second to think, so now you see? Yes always and in majority with a beard so why? Why they don’t make him look as one of the 2 pictures above? But it’s impossible!  So what makes the warrior in the movie look a man and more than that and there’s no way that someone can confused him by his look that he can look to a women.


I think you have the answer or just by taking time to think you will find it; or ask those hypocrites!


Let’s show some pictures of some movies even If the list goes on and on…

The Muslim men who have a beard always they are criticized because of it.  Do you just ask yourself this question or think about it, so let see if you have the answer.  Who are the men that have the longest beard but no one say anything?


You don’t find it yet?

Take extra few seconds to think about it.

So some of you find it some don’t! So you want to know?


The answer is :


THE BIKERS !!! Surpise : ) do you ever notice that or never! So take a look


No one will dare to say anything and especially to those hypocrites, blind haters who don’t stop criticizing or make fun of the Muslim men who have a beard, when they see the bikers on their superb Harley Davidson bikes especially when they are in group what most people say? Didn’t they say : wow! Look at them man amazing!


"Hasta lavista baby!" ;)


Another example to those hypocrites! Where we see men who have a beard but no one or dare to say nothing!


Let give an example and I think everyone knows Metallica! So you hypocrites when James Hetfield or Lars Ulrich or any other member of Metallica band keep their beard why you shut your dirty mouth.

Band of Skulls



so let me tell you something you hypocrites blind haters that the Muslim Men who have a beard are the only men on the face of the earth who take care and keep their beard so clean, they wash it at least 5 times per day. There’s no clean beard as their beard and you will not see a dirty beard full of nicotine.


♥ Hamza Andreas Tzortzis


♥ Eddie


♥ Yusha Evans


♥ Loon - Freeway - Napoleon


♥ Abdurraheem Antony Green


 Yusuf Islam(Cat Steven)


♥ Muhammad Salah


♥ Yusuf Estes


♥ Khaled Yasin


Now I will address to some Christians who maybe can say the same thing, so let me remember you that all the pictures attributed to Jesus(pbuh) how looks like, even if  in the case you don’t know it’s forbidden. To know more click on the link and read!



• A Christian Talks about the Growing Of the Beard !!




LISTEN! Jews and Christians


• Are Men Commanded To Keep Their Beard?




• "Christian Preachers who preach agaisnt beard are LIARS! "





The Prophet Muhammad ♥ (محمد ﺻﻠﯽ الله ﺗﻌﺎﻟﯽٰ ﻋﻠﯿﮧ ﻭﺍٓﻟﮧ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ had a beard and a long hair until his ears and I believe that all the prophets (peace be upon them all) had a similar look, so their look is no more different of the look of some men that we can see today.


• What Islam Says About The Beard


In conclusion leave the Muslim men who have a beard in peace!


Peace be on to you.





Healthy reasons why men should grow a beard!


Dr. Daniel G. Freedman, of the University of Chicago, did research on the reproductive value of male beardedness. To test his theory, Dr. Freedman and his graduate students asked a group of undergraduates of their feelings about beardedness by giving them questionnaires and interviewing them. Furthermore, one of the graduate students interviewed seven women about their feelings toward men with beards. The female students rated a bearded male face as more masculine, independent, sophisticated and mature compared to a clean-shaven male face. They concluded from their studies that a beard increases “sexual magnetism” and attractiveness and makes men more appealing to women. The presence of a beard makes a man appear more masculine to a woman, and she feels more feminine towards him.


Psychologist Robert J. Pellegrini reported in Psychology, 1973, Volume 10, No. 1, the results of an experiment on the perception of male personality as a function of varying states of beardedness. To carry out the experiment, Pellegrini hired eight full-bearded young men who were willing to have their beards fully shaved off for a payment of ten dollars. All of the full-bearded men were Caucasians. Their ages ranged from 22 to 25 years. The tabulation of the results showed a generally positive correlation between the amount of hair on the object person's face and his being perceived as masculine, mature, good-looking, dominant, self-confident, courageous, liberal, non-conforming, and older. The results also suggested a similar correlation regarding perceptions of intelligence, strength, health, and likableness. In view of the results, Pellegrini suggested that the presence of hair on a young man's face is associated with an idealised image of the male personality. In discussing the results of his experiment, Pellegrini wrote:


“Judging from the data in the present research, the male beard communicates a heroic image of independent, sturdy, and resourceful pioneer, ready, willing and able to do manly things.”


Pelligrini summed up his discussion by stating:


“In conclusion, it may very well be true that inside every clean-shaven man there is beard screaming to be let out. If so, the results of the present study provide a strong rationale for indulging that demand.”


Beards serve as secondary male sex characteristic. Secondary sex characteristics are those physical features which develop when human beings reach the age of puberty. Primary sex characteristics are the genitals, but the beard is a secondary sex characteristic in males. The purpose of secondary sex characteristics is to distinguish males from females. In addition, secondary sex characteristics serve the purpose of attracting the opposite sex.


A very interesting relationship between the male hormone testosterone, sexual activity and beard growth was published in the May, 30 1970 issue of the magazine Nature. The author and subject of this research carried out a detailed study to measure the rate of growth of his beard by shaving his beard everyday and weighing the hair which he collected in his electric razor. The author supplemented his article with scientific data in forms of charts and graphs. He concluded that, based on the results of his research, “the stimulus for increased beard growth is related to the resumption of sexual activity.” It was also shown in his research that as the weekend approached with the prospect of spending free time with his female companion, there was great increase in the beard growth. The author further writes: “Even the presence of particular female company in the absence of intercourse, after a period of separation, usually caused an obvious increase in beard growth.” Since the beard is a secondary sex characteristic, its growth is influenced by the levels of testosterone in the male body. The rate of production and the level of testosterone in the body are affected by a man’s sexual behaviour. More interestingly, it has been shown by research that whereas testosterone stimulates the growth of beard, it has almost no effect on scalp hair. This further shows that the beard is, in fact, a secondary sex characteristic and our intelligent body does not grow the beard on our face in order for it to be removed with a razor everyday.


According to research of herbalists, allowing the beard to grow prevents a person from contracting diseases of the throat and of the gums. Similarly, some medical doctors of western medicine are also aware of the medical benefits of allowing the beard to grow. Physicians tell us that if we allow a beard to grow, we are less likely to suffer throat diseases. Recently, a medical specialist from Harley Street prescribed as treatment for a man suffering from a chronic cough that he allow his beard to grow. When the patient acted upon the advice of the doctor, his cough disappeared. Chronic coughs may be major indications of asthma and, hence, they may be activated by the same factors as for asthma, which include sudden changes in temperature or exposure to cold air. In this case, a beard acts as a preventive measure by keeping the neck warm.


People who frequently travel by sea are quite aware of the harmful effects of sea weather. Sea winds contain small quantities of salt. In addition to that, sometimes there are strong winds at sea. That is the reason that, in the past, most people who travelled by sea used to grow beards in order to protect their faces from the harmful effects of sea weather. It is interesting to note here that scientific research has shown that compared with the hair of the head, the hair of the beard has a faster swelling rate and higher reaction rate with a variety of reagents due to the less extensive disulphide bonding in it. This may suggest that the hair of the beard has more capacity to absorb harmful vapours in the air before they affect the face.


What is the total time spent in shaving by a man in his whole lifetime? Dr. Herbert Mescon from Boston University did research to give an answer to this question. Dr. Mescon calculated that if a teenager begin shaving at the age of 15, then in his 55 or so years of shaving, he is likely to spend about 3350 hours (which are equivalent to about 139 full days) at this task in his lifetime. That is an incredible amount of time which literally goes down the drain. You can add to it thousands of dollars one spends during his lifetime on products for shaving (razors, shaving gels, after-shave lotions etc).




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