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Top 10 Most Unusual and Amazing Snakes !!!

There are about 3000 species of Snakes in this world, of which many snakes are venomous and others are not. Snakes have been frightening humans from the very beginning and that is probably one of the reasons why humans want to know more about them. The top tens World list below gives away the top ten most Unusual and Amazing snakes species in the world.

10. Elephant Trunk Snake

Elephant Trunk Snake

Usually known by its common name ‘Warty Snake’ is a weird looking aquatic snake mostly found in Indonesia and some relating species are found in Australia too. It takes its name from the snake’s unusual skin that is crumpled and loose and gives an impression to the snake of being too bulky and crooked. These snakes feed on fish and the knobby scales on the skin help it get the slippery fish.

9. Tentacled Snake

Tentacled Snake

From the South Eastern Asia, Tentacled is another marine snake which is the last of its lesser left species in the world. The most notable feature of these snakes is the strange fleshy tentacles on its muzzle. It is a small snake of only 90cm length which is unable to move on Earth for its features and only survives under water, fetching fishes.

8. Long Nosed Vine Snake

Long Nosed Vine Snake-Top 10 Most Unusual and Amazing Snakes

The long nosed Asian vine snake is a highly advanced arboreal hunter; unlike other snakes, it has excellent binocular visualization, which allows it to attack at prey with great accurateness. They mostly feed on lizards and frogs, and although they are poisonous, they are of no serious threat to humans; pain and swelling are usually the only indications after being nibbled by a vine snake and these symptoms usually fade after some days.

7. Langaha Nasuta

Langaha Nasuta-Top 10 Most Unusual and Amazing Snakes

One of the weirdest reptiles on Earth is Langaha Nasuta. These snakes are found only in Madagascar’s in danger of extinction rain forests and they too usually feed on lizards. Its most interesting trait is, of course, the weird “spine” or projection on its nose. Both genders have this weird enhancement, but males and females look a lot different from each other; males are yellowish and have even skin and a sharp, pointed “spine”, while females have rough-looking brown scales and a flat, leaf-shaped and notched horn.

6. Atheris hispida

Atheris hispida-Top 10 Most Unusual and Amazing Snakes

Atheris Hispida is a small yet extremely venomous snake that is found in the forests of Central Africa. Like all other vipers, Atheris has long, folding teeth in the front of its upper jaw; there is no known remedy to its venom, which causes blood clotting difficulties, pain and inflammation, and often, death.

5. Horned Viper

Horned Viper

Horned Vipers are usually 50cms long and found in the deserts of Northern Africa and Middle East. As their name discloses, Vipers usually have a pair of horns over their eyes but some do not have this feature which is why they are confused of not being Vipers at all. The horned viper’s horns, however, are not used as a attraction; to date, no one really knows what the horns are used for, or why some horned vipers have them and some don’t.

4. Burrowing asp

Burrowing asp-Top 10 Most Unusual and Amazing Snakes

The Burrowing Asp is a minor snake from Africa that spends most of its time underground. It feeds on rodents, and has puffy teeth that function basically as venomous saber teeth, bulging out of the mouth when in use. This means that the Burrowing asp can bite without even opening its mouth- which is very useful, since it stops dirt from entering the snake’s mouth during the fight.

3. Tiger Keelback

Tiger Keelback

Mostly found in Eastern Asia, Tiger Keelback is also known as Yamakagashi, or Japanese water snake. It is small, seldom above one meter in length, and very shy, so much in fact that they were considered to be inoffensive for a long time, until someone died of a yamakagashi bite in the late 80s. it was also discovered that these snakes feed on poisonous toads.

2. Flying Snake

Flying Snake-Top 10 Most Unusual and Amazing Snakes

Flying snakes are found in the rainforests of India and southeastern Asia, and, regardless of their rather shocking name, they cannot actually fly. As amazing as it may sound, Flying Snakes are better gliders as flying squirrels. While squirrels can glide up to 60 meters , Flying Snakes can glide up to 100 meters or more, and they actually “slide” in midair, which gives them better stability and some degree of control over their “flight”. They mostly feed on lizards and stay up on trees for their living.

1. Sea Snake

Sea Snake

The most unusual of all snakes is without any doubt is the Sea Snake. They belong to the same family as cobras and coral snakes, but they have adapted to a completely aquatic lifestyle. The snake hunts by probing gaps and holes in coral reefs with its head, which means it can’t see hunters coming while doing so; however, since the tail looks so much like the head of the snake, possible predators such as sharks are fooled into believing that the snake is attentive and ready to strike, and usually leave it alone. But perhaps the most amazing sea snake is the Golden Sea Snake. This species has photoreceptors on its tail, allowing it to detect light variations and possibly detect impending predators while nourishing as previously described.

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3. Tiger Keelback

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