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Top 27 Haunted Places In The World 10 to 1 here................

Number Ten

Kamloops, British, Columbia, Padova/Tranquille, Tranquille Sanatorium (Serenity Lake Sanatorium)


Chance of Paranormal Activity -  4.5

Status -Partially Abandoned

Investigation Ease – 4.5



This site was originally winter camping grounds for a Native American tribe. Then in 1857 gold was discovered in the Tranquille River and it became part of the British Columbia Gold Rush. A Tuberculosis Sanatorium was built in 1907 was operated until 1958 when legend states it was mysteriously abandoned in the winter with no sign of the staff or patients. Many people died from this horrible and incurable (at the time) disease during these years. In later years this facility would be used as a hospital and training site for the mentally handicapped. The site would completely close down in 1985 and was abandoned. In 1991 the land was purchased in an attempt to create Padova City – an Italian based theme park – but the owner was unable to make the mortgage payments. In 2000 the site was bought by British Columbia Wilderness Tours Inc and they are in the process of converting it a resort called Tranquille By The Lake. 

This location was featured on episode of MTV’s Fear who called it Serenity Lake Sanatorium and made it out to be much more active than it really is. However, Tranquille has plenty to make a paranormal investigation worth the time.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Many different types of light phenomena have been witnessed including orbs that travel in circles at the main entrance, lights going on and off on their own and figures seen in the windows of the abandoned buildings, cold breezes inside of buildings, general feeling of sadness and unease. Like most hospital complexes the buildings are connected by an underground tunnel system and.these tunnels are said to be how the staff moved the bodies in order to not upset the living patients. Disembodied voices and figures have been heard and seen in these tunnels. Phantom sounds of children playing in the children building. A nurse is said to have been murdered by a patient and she still wanders the grounds. Legend also says the site was mysteriously abandoned during one winter.


Follow Tranquille Road out of Kamloops past Red Lake Road staying next to the lake.  Do not follow Red Lake Road away from the lake.  You will see a set of abandoned buildings on the right side of the road just before hitting a parking lot near the lake shore.



Number Nine

Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia, Seppeltsfield Winery


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4.5

Status -Heritage Property, Functional Winery

Investigation Ease – 3



Joesph Seppeltsfield and his family immigrated to  Australia in 1849 from Silesia (now part of Poland) and settled in the Barossa Valley in 1851 to build a winery. Joesph would pass away in 1868 leaving his winery to his children with 55% going to the eldest son Oscar. Oscar is said to have gone slightly mad and confined himself to his private study located behind the trophy cellar. By the turn of the century Seppeltsfield would become the largest winery in Australia. It was owned by the family until 1984 when it was purchased (some say taken over) by a corporation. It is now owned by the Seppeltsfield’s Estate Trust. Tours are conducted of the estate daily including what is rumoured to be one of the scariest ghost tours in the world. Ghost tours are held in the summer.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Reports of a constant and eerie feeling of being watched from all over the estate. In the barrel area phantom footsteps are heard above people even though there is no longer a floor there. After 7pm lights become impossible to keep on as some unseen force switches them off. The apparition of a man is seen both in the old homestead and in the tunnels. Phantom screams are heard coming the vineyards. The top of the tower above the distillery sometimes glows glows with an earthly and unexplainable light. The phantom sounds of machinery, steam blasts and equipment moving is heard from the vinegar factory although its doors have been locked for 150 years. In the mausoleum built for the Seppeltsfield family a bloodstain can be seen that turns inexplicably wet again on the anniversary of their deaths although the doors have locked for 120 years. Phantom moans and whispers can be heard in the former dining hall (this room can be rented for weddings and other functions). The unexplained sounds have rifle fire have driven both staff and tourist out of the garden fearing for their lives. Multiple reports of being touches, poked and pushed by invisible presences. As well powerful feelings of sadness have been described in the gardens and people have been reduced into screaming fits when exposed to the energy present.

No taping devices or computers are allowed on the ghost tour and children under 10 are forbidden to take part. This ghost tour is only for those looking for an intense and thought provoking paranormal experience.


Lot 1 Seppeltsfield Road, off of the A20


Number Eight

Taiwan, Grand Hyatt Hotel


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4 – 5

Status – Functional Hotel

Investigation Ease – Guest (5), Non-Guest (2)


This 5 Star hotel was built right next to the commercial district of the city. It has 800 fully luxurious rooms and a swimming pool on the 5th floor with an underwater audio system. It is truly the height of luxury and splendor for your stay in the historic city of Taiwan.

It was also built directly up on the site a mass burial. During World War II military prisoners were executed by the forces of the Japanese Imperial Army at this location. It is rumored that there are 4,000 bodies interned here. And they do not rest easily! The hotel’s front lobby is filled with symbols said to intended to appease the ghosts and keep the paranormal activity under control.

What truly frightens even us is what this place would be like if there was no protection. Guests are subtlety encouraged to use their own methods on in their rooms to personally appease the numerous dead.  

Legends and Paranormal Activity

This hotel is known to be haunted by the local population. We have even reviews on travel websites by former guests claiming intense and close-up interactions with the paranormal world. The staff is said to be more than accommodating to guests who suddenly need to cut their stay short and move to a new hotel. This location is said to have a 100% chance at experiencing paranormal activity for those of us who are sensitive to the paranormal world.

Pretty much everything imaginable activity has been reported here: countless apparitions, disembodied voices (including those that whisper or shout your name), laughter, screams and yells, touches, pulls and tugs by invisible presences, invisible presences that get into bed with you, shadow figures, feelings of being watched, not wanted, intense unease and fear, unexplained noises, phantom footsteps, extreme cold and hot spots, objects moving on their own, disappearing and being thrown at people, light anomalies, unexplained smells etc.

This is certainly the most haunted hotel in Taiwan but it also would make most people’s lists both in Asia and the rest of the world.


Number Seven

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Weston State Hospital)


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 5

Status – Tourist Attraction (Former Psychiatric Hospital)

Investigation Ease – 5(with permission)



Yet another hospital built on Kirkbride design (see Danver’s State Hospital) this structure was built between 1858 – 1881 and opened its doors doors patients in 1864. Construction was halted by the outbreak of the Civil War when the money put aside for the construction was stolen after it was demanded by the State of Virginia after the West Virginia succession and an attempt was made to use it to finance a pro-Northern States government in Virginia. The money was eventually recovered and construction began again after West Virginia was officially recognized as a US State..The name of the hospital was changed to Weston State Hospital in 1913.

As well many of its contemporaries this hospital quickly became dangerously overcrowded. The original design had been for 250 patients yet by 1880 it held over 700 patients, then 1,600 in 1938 and 1,800 in 1949. The population was made up mostly of epileptics, drug addicts and the mentally handicapped. Some parts of the hospital had limited lighting, heating and furniture well others (such a re-built wing after a patient set a fire) were almost luxurious.

Charles Manson was even a patient here for a short stay.

Again like many of its contemporaries as the 80′s began to roll around and attitudes toward the mentally ill changed the population began to decline. Eventually it was decided to turn the hospital into a state prison and build a new hospital. The new hospital was built in Weston but in the end the old facility was simply closed. The doors were shut in May 1994.

Since its closure there have been many plans for the old hospital including turning it into a golf course and eventually 2 museums were built inside the main building but both were closed down due to fire code violations. In 2007 the building was bought by an asbestos contractor for almost 2 million dollar and the grounds are now used for events such as county fairs. Tours are also offered of the facility both in the daytime and nighttime. As well overnight stays can be booked for Saturday nights.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

A lot of places advertise themselves as the most haunted place in the US or North America. This is the one location that doesn’t need to advertise apparently. This is the only location where we have found reports by actual investigators that make this claim. Reported activity – shadow figures, partial and full body apparitions (many partially inside of walls) of both patients and staff, disembodied voices, screams, laughter, crying, calls for help, mysterious mists, light anomalies, phantom footsteps, feeling of being watched and not wanted, EVP warning people to go home or leave, response to knocks, windows and doors opening and closing on their own, touches and pushes, sound of breathing and so on and so on. If you want to experience the paranormal this location should be on your list.


71 Asylum Drive 

Warning: Do Not come on the grounds of this location without booking a tour through the website first. 


Number Six

Louisville, Kentucky, Waverly Hills Sanitarium


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4.5

Status – Abandoned, Tours, On-Site Security

Investigation Ease – With Permission (5), Without Permission (0)



Located in Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky this tuberculosis sanatorium was originally opened in 1910 as a 2 story hospital with room for only 40 to 50 patients. In 1912 and 1916 respectively a hospital for advanced cases and a children’s pavilion were opened increasing the patient capacity to 130 patients. In October of 1926 the 5 story building that still stands was opened; it was closed in June of 1962 as the advent of antibiotics had lowered tuberculosis cases in the country. The building was re-opened later in 1962 as the Woodhaven Geriatrics Hospital but was closed again in 1981 due to numerous allegations of patient abuse. Plans since then for the site have included turning it into a minimum security prison and a plan to build the worlds largest statue of Jesus Christ on the site.
In 2001 the current owners of the property, Tina and Charlie Mattingly, purchased the property. They now run the site as an haunted attraction including ghost and historical tours. The building and property are private property and the owners have installed many security features including a 24 hour volunteer security force and internal/external cameras. Should you decide to visit this location it would be a wise decision to book a tour instead of trying your own exploration. Plan for it in advance though as at the time of this posting they were booked through 2009 on all tours except the 2 hour ghost/historical tour. That’s right all full night and half night tours are booked – hence the fact that Paranormal SPOOKS is planning a tour there in 2011.
As this is quite simply one of the most famous haunted locations on earth, definitely the most haunted in the US it’s legends are many. The location has been visited and investigated on such TV shows as Scariest Places on Earth, VH1 Celebrity Paranormal Project, Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted.

Over 63,000 people died at Waverly and some of them still walk the halls and grounds.


The Legends and Hauntings of Waverly Hills

Room 502
The legend is of 2 suicides that happened in this room. One of a nurse that jumped from the window with no other details. The other of a nurse that hung herself from a fixture in the room. Supposedly she was pregnant out of wedlock possibly by a doctor who then flubbed the abortion. This hanging has been verified by a former employee.

The Draining Room – Warning Very Explicit
This room was located near the morgue. It was used by the staff to drain fluids from the corpses in order to make them lighter for transport. They would hang the bodies from poles and then split the bodies from sternum to groin to drain all fluids – this was prevent infection to the general populace. This legend is supposedly untrue and the room was actually used for a transformer. However it still, strangely, is reported as paranormally active.

The Death Tunnel
A 500 foot tunnel constructed from the main floor of the hospital to railroad tracks at the bottom. The trains were used to haul away the bodies for burial by their loved ones. One side of the tunnel was constructed with a stairway to allow entrance and exit by the staff. A motorized cart was used to move the bodies. Urban legends have it that the bodies were simply tossed down the tunnel to let gravity take them to the bottom – this is untrue and inhumane. The tunnel was constructed to hide the release of the dead from the patients. At the time there was no cure for TB so the patients were given lots of fresh air and sunlight and hope for a recovery – seeing the dead leaving the hospital would have been hard on morale. This area has also reported a high level of activity.

The ghost of a small boy who roams the halls. He likes to play games with visitors including hide and seek and playing with a ball. People have reported cold spots and physical touching of their hands in Timmy’s presence.

Elderly Lady
A ghost of an elderly woman reportedly chained and bleeding running for the front door screaming “help”. This ghost is probably from the time the building was used as a geriatric hospital (see above).

More Hauntings
Shadow people and orbs crossing rooms and moving down halls. Many different examples of EVP including “Get out” and “What kind of hospital is this?” Thermal imaging equipment was used on at least one occasion on Halloween 2006 and the image of 2 small children is seen rising from the hallway floor and disappearing through a wall.

As no one is permitted on the property without having a tour reservation first and you will get caught if try to trespass we will leave the directions on the official Waverly Hills website which, again, is posted in our Links section.
The owners are very serious – DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to trespass on this property.


440 Paralee Drive. Any and all tours must be booked through the following website: 

Number Five

London, England, The Tower Of London

By Christopher John Linton


Chance of Paranormal Activity -  5

Status – Heritage Property

Investigation Ease -  3(when open)


To the Tower with You!


The first part of the present day Tower of London was built in 1078 on the orders of William the Conqueror, today it houses a fantastic museum while over the 930 years of history associated with the site it has managed to capture all manner of ghostly stories, as well as the guns and suits of armour held in its great galleries.

Most of the stories seem to revolve around the events of the late 15th and early 16th centuries, a time when we had the bloody Wars of the Roses, and the equally horrific events of the reformation and Queen Mary’s excessive abuse of power. King Henry VI was not a good King, or very unlucky at best. He was at the heart of the Wars of the Roses, his choice of supporters meant he had sown the seeds of internal conflict for generations and it was, in this turmoil, that the Houses of Lancaster and York came to fight one another on and off for more than thirty years. Henry VI was captured by his enemies on more than one occasion, this happened again in 1471 and this time his captors did not want him to escape and cause any more trouble (although it was mainly his wife, Margaret of Anjou, who caused the trouble). The Castellan of the Tower was Richard, Duke of Gloucester, he was a supporter of Edward Duke of York who wished to become King instead of Henry, so on the night of the 21st May Henry was “Stikk’d full of deadly holes”, on the orders of Edward of York, but, by the hand of Richard of Gloucester. Edward was crowned as Edward IV and fought off various attacks to his cause in the following years from Margaret of Anjou’s followers. He also had his own brother, George Duke of Clarence murdered at the Tower in 1478 for conspiring in a plot to make him King. However it is Henry’s spirit which is not at rest, for every 21st May his spirit is said to replay his death in the Wakefield Tower where he died. Edward IV reigned until his death in April 1483 when he too died, the crown should have passed onto his own son (he had two named Edward and Richard) who was only twelve at the time, a parliament declared he was too young and so their uncle would look after them, who did their uncle happen to be? Richard, Duke of Gloucester of course. In May 1483 the two boys had disappeared, shortly after Richard had himself crowned as Richard III King of England, in 1647 two skeletons were found in the Wakefield tower behind an old staircase, these were no doubt the two young boys and so were given a full royal ceremonial burial in Westminster. Since then the spirits of the two boys have been seen regularly, holding onto one another in horrific terror.

Richard went on to fight, and die in the battle of Bosworth Field, his enemy was Henry Tudor, who had himself crowned on the battlefield as King Henry VII of England, the Lancastrian cause had won in the end and to stop any future conflict he had himself married into the Royal House of York, thus establishing a connection between the two houses and stopping the prolonged conflict that had ravaged the land for the preceding 30 years. Of course Henry VII had a son, Henry VIII. On tower green there is a plaque in memorial to the people who died by the executioner in the grounds of the Tower. When Henry VIII changed the religious face of England forever in the 1530′s he of course had enemies, one of these was Cardinal Pole, who, nice and safe in France, was able to destabilise the peace of England with propaganda from Catholic Europe. Pole may have been safe, but his mother, the Countess of Salisbury was not. Margaret Pole was brought to the Tower and sentenced to be executed for treason, which she denied. On the 27th May 1541 she was brought to be executed, as she stood on the scaffold she was asked to kneel and place her head on the block, this she refused saying “So Should traitors, and I am not!” The executioner, probably drunk, took a swing at her with his axe, missed, and proceeded to chase her around the scaffold literally chopping her to bits. The entire act has been said to be seen each 27th May, replete with screaming old woman and swearing executioner! 

The reason behind Henry’s change of faith was Anne Boleyn, who was also beheaded on Tower Green in 1536, it was claimed for infidelity and incestuous behaviour with her brother. Probably all false as Henry simply wanted a wife which could give him a son and heir, so off to the block Anne went who died with dignity. In 1864 the Tower was garrisoned by soldiers of the 60th Regiment. One night an officer doing his rounds found a guard asleep, waking him he sent him straight to the cells to await his court martial for being asleep on guard. During his trial he told of how he had been on guard when he had seen a lady approaching him, he levelled his rifle and bayonet and shouted for her to stop and tell him her business. She did not stop and simply walked right onto his bayonet, at which point he claimed he had passed out. It was only after two other soldiers told of similar sightings that the accused was acquitted. She is thought to have been the legendary Anne Boleyn, out trying to charm another man no doubt.

Another spirit said to linger is that of Lady Jane Gray. After Henry’s death his son Edward became Edward VI of England but he was a sickly child who died at a young age, the succession problem came around again, there were two main candidates, both daughters of Henry VIII, Mary was Catholic and the child of Catherine of Aragon, Henry’s first and longest wife. However the new Protestant country did not want a catholic regent in place. Elizabeth was Anne Boleyn’s daughter and although Protestant she was not liked because her mother had been seen as a bad thing for the country. There was a third candidate, Lady Jane Gray was cousin to both Mary and Elizabeth, her father in Law, the Duke of Northumberland had her made Queen Jane, which Edward VI had given his blessing to on his deathbed, she however ruled for just nine days before she and her family were caught by Catholic supporters of Mary, they were tried and executed. Lady Jane Gray was just 17 at the time and probably had little knowledge of what those around her had in mind when they made her Queen. And so Mary came to rule in a reign of religious persecution not seen since her father and not seen again until Cromwell came to dictatorship.

It could be Queen Jane’s spirit which haunts the White Tower, as there have been seen a lady in white who waves to children and scared the life out of a guard not too long ago. Mr Arthur Crick was doing his rounds when he stopped to tend his sore feet, sitting on a ledge he took off one shoe and started rubbing his foot when he heard from behind him “There’s only you and I here” to which he replied, “Just let me get this bloody shoe back on and there will be only you!”. She could also be responsible for the cheap perfume aroma smelt by men in this area, some guards have been left gagging at the smell whilst others find it a nice fragrance. Much nicer than the phenomena in the gallery with Henry VIII’s suit of armour in it, it is said that many times guards on patrol have found themselves on entering the room been paralysed by a feeling of immense pressure pushing them downwards until they have left the room. One man felt like he had had a cloak thrown over his head with a tightening sensation around his neck, upon struggling clear and leaving the room he found actual rope marks around his neck!
And so our haunted Capital has at its core a devious and deadly past, one full of horrific slaughter and political regicide, who knows what the next 930 years have in store for the Tower of London, but hopefully its magnificent walls and towers remain to that day, as they do to this day.

CJ Linton.


Addition by Craig Mitton

Well I guess the history and paranormal legends of the Tower of London no longer has to be done. Thank you Christopher you just saved me and the whole team a lot of research and from what I’ve found out about the Tower you have done a much more concise and complete history than we ever could have done. The Tower is still considered one of our ten most haunted and famous locations but we will leave Christopher’s write up of the best for the Tower of London.
I just want to add a few notes from myself. In 1985 I was lucky enough to go to the Tower on vacation and I would like to add my own experiences.
A section of lawn inside the Tower that was identified as the execution grounds turned red with flowing blood whilst I was walking across it. While I was in a chapel inside the grounds (in which we were told a chamber was found beneath it filled with human bones) I witnessed a blurry figure that hovered near the front of the room. Also another blurry white figure passed me in a hallway almost to quick to register. I turned as it passed but it was gone. The romantic in me says this was Lady Jane Grey but I doubt I was that lucky.


The is located on St Katherine’s Way

Number Four

Harbin, China, Unit 731


Chance of Paranormal Activity -  5

Status – Former POW and Experimentation Camp

Investigation Ease – 1


You Should Be At Least 18 Years Of Age and Not Sensitive Nor Easily Disturbed To Read This Article.



Unit 731 was a secret biological/chemical and human experimentation camp established by the Imperial Japanese army during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. It was active in the years 1937 to 1945. between 200,000 and 580,000 people died in this camp of which at least 10,000 were subjected to horrific human experiments. 

Seriously skip this part if you are easily disturbed or not at least 18 years old

The experiments included purposely infecting people including men. women (including women impregnated by the doctors), children and infants and then cutting them open while alive and without anesthesia to study the effects on internal organs, limbs were amputated on living patients and reattached on the opposite sides to see the affect, limbs were frozen and defrosted to study the effects of untreated gangrene, internal organs were completely removed to study the how long people could live without them, weapons including flamethrowers and grenades were tested on living people and people were intentionally infected with diseases including cholera, venereal disease and the bubonic plague to study what happened when they were left untreated – these diseases would spread to surrounding Chinese population resulting in the deaths of at least 400,000 people. These results were used for plans to create biological weapons for use against the Chinese, the Soviets and in hopes for an invasion of the US mainland. One plan was actually used when low flying aircraft sprayed fleas infested with the Bubonic Plague over parts of China.  Other experiments included: starvation, injections with sea water, being buried alive, lethal exposure to X-Rays and injection of animal blood. Okay now I’ve made myself nauseous and dizzy and probably all of you, I can quit – believe me when I say I also found more information that I couldn’t bring myself to write.

So why write any of it you might ask. yes it is to understand the paranormal activity found here but also despite the horror people need to know that this happened so it may never happen again. Nothing is more disturbing or horrifying than humankind’s brutal and inhumane treatment of other humans.

Okay you’re safe now.

We’ve all been told that the Soviet Union was evil and yet the doctor’ they captured from this facility were all tried and sentenced to terms ranging from 25 years to life in Siberian Labor Camps by the Soviet Government. The same cannot been said for the United States where it was decided (mostly by General McArthur) that the knowledge the doctors gained made them exempt for the war crimes tribunals -  most of them to went on live full and profitable lives in the US after the war. They commander of the camp lived out his life in Maryland. The only reason the world is even aware of this place and the atrocities committed here was pure chance – a Japanese found a written record by an officer assigned here in a second hand bookstore.

This facility covered 6 square kilometers and contained over 150 buildings.  The Chinese Government sealed the camp up after the war and refused to allow foreigners in. Only in very recent years have they allowed foreigners in including a team from the BBC to film. Only a portion of the camp is now open to public to tour. A memorial plaque has been posted in front of the camp. In 1995 China sued the Japanese Government and won. Only one officer of the Imperial Japanese Army ever admitted to being part of the camp.  In a completely opposite move to the Holocaust committed in Nazi Germany the Japanese Government has never apologized to China or any other country – Germany has formally apologized to the Jewish people.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Numerous apparitions have been seen including Japanese soldiers and of those who suffered in the camp – some are still obviously suffering from the inhumane treatment in the camp.  Objects move on their own including doors opening and closing, shadow figures, disembodied voices, cries and screams, a strong feeling of unease and intense horror – including becoming physically ill and vomiting, an overwhelming feeling of intense sadness, phantom footsteps, a feeling of being watched and feared or hated, being touched by an invisible presence, light anomalies and many other reported phenomena.


Xinjang Bridge Street



Number Three

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Town and Battlefield

Devil’s Den taken right after the battle



Well this could either be the longest posting on the group or a very concise description of the battle. I’m going to go for the concise version if want to see a detailed description of the movements of both armies on all 3 days there are many websites which will give you this including Wikipedia.

The Battle of Gettysburg was fought near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania between July 1 – 3, 1863 and has been said to be the turning point of the US Civil War. Two things are certain it was the battle with the most causalities in the war and it halted General Lee’s (Confederate) advance into the north (Union). It certainly heralded the end of the war with a Union victory although even after the Gettysburg loss it has been said there were still many chances for Confederates to turn the tide back and win the war. Either way the Battle of Gettysburg went a long way to reuniting the United States instead of leaving 2 radically different and probably hostile countries in southern North America.


Legends of Gettysburg
Phantom Smells – the streets and surrounding area of Gettysburg were filled with dead and dying men during and after the battle. Residents of the town had to use peppermint and vanilla soaked handkerchiefs to relief the horrid stenches. People still claim to catch the smells of death as well as vanilla and peppermint in the air today.

The Farnsworth House Inn

Chance of Paranormal Activity – 3

Status – Functional Hotel

Investigation Ease – 3

Paranormal Activity 
Confederate sharpshooters took over this house during the battle to fire on Union troops on Cemetery Hill just over 100 yards away. Union forces also used the structure as a headquarters after the battle. It is now run as a bed and breakfast and still has the original floors and walls with just over 100 bullet holes in them. The following paranormal activity has been reported at this site:
When the attic is quiet and empty a harp can be heard.
Phantom footsteps are heard on the staircase and the main floor
Ghosts sit on beds
Apparitions are seen and shadows pass before people in the dining room
An apparition of an older woman is seen in the hallway between the tavern and the kitchen

The Jenny Wade House and Museum

Chance of Paranormal Activity – 3.5

Status – Museum

Investigation Ease – 3

Paranormal Activity 
Originally a double unit residence Jenny Wade and her sister rented half of the house during the battle. They were warned to leave as their home was in the middle of the battle. They refused and stayed to bake bread and give water to the Union soldiers, Jenny was accidentally shot to death by a Confederate sharpshooter in the Farnsworth attic. The following paranormal activity has been witnessed at this location:
The apparition of a young woman has been seen followed the scent of baking bread and rose-scented perfume.
On the second floor children from an orphanage that was once nearby and played in the house have been known to hang from the chains in roped off areas. They also called out a friendly “hey” to passerby’s and sometimes grab ankles or hands of the living tourists.
A male ghost haunts the upstairs and is surrounded by the smell of cigar smoke and has even dropped ashes on guests.

Cemetery Hill

Chance of Paranormal Activity -  3.5

Status – Public Land

Investigation Ease – 5

Paranormal Activity 
Sounds of civil war era music being played. Apparitions of Civil War soldiers. Phantom voices, bangs and other unexplained noises. Feelings of being watched, hunted and not being wanted. Light anomalies and mysterious mists. Phantom touches, shoves and pulls.
Devil’s Den

Chance of Paranormal Activity -  4.5

Status – Public Land

Investigation Ease – 5

Paranormal Activity 
Site of vicious and heavy fighting on the second day of the battle. Sounds of battle are heard in this location as well as problems with any cameras or video equipment – the reason for this is rumored to be that a famous photographer, Alexander Gardner, was in this area taking pictures right after the battle, upon seeing a perfect place for a photo he got his assistants to drag a dead Confederate soldier to that spot and took his famous photo – apparently the soldier was not happy this and not wreaks havoc with cameras.

The Daniel Lady Farm

Chance of Paranormal Activity -  4.5

Status – Heritage Property

Investigation Ease – 3

Paranormal Activity 
Used by the Confederates as a field hospital many soldiers suffered their final moments here. The ghosts of General Issac Ewell and his 10,000 corps are said to haunt this place.
Cashtown Inn

Chance of Paranormal Activity -  3

Status – Functional Restaurant

Investigation Ease – 3

Paranormal Activity 
This location is 8 miles from the town of Gettysburg and the site of first death in the battle. Photos of orbs and skeletons have been taken at this location as well as numerous sounds of thumping doors, lights turning themselves on and off and doors locking and unlocking on their own.
The Ghost Train

Chance of Paranormal Activity -  3

Status -  Tourist Attraction

Investigation Ease – 5

Paranormal Activity 
The only ghost tour that takes guests across the actual battlefield. The smell of cigar smoke and apparitions of soldiers have been smelt and seen over the battlefield and near the tracks.

Gettysburg College


Chance of Paranormal Activity -  2

Status – Functional School

Investigation Ease -2

Paranormal Activity 
The oldest building on the campus was used as hospital during the battle. Two administrators at the college were working late one night in the 1980′s on the 4th floor. Upon taking the elevator down it failed to stop on the main floor and instead took them to the basement. When the doors opened they were greeted by a full scene of a Civil War era hospital in vivid color and one of the soldiers even looked up and met their gaze.


Number Two

Venice, Italy, Poveglia Island


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 6

Status – Access Extremely Restricted

Investigation Ease – 1


As with a few other locations on this site due to the grim details of this entry it is recommended that you be 18 years of age or older to read this entry.



Poveglia is a small island floating in the lagoons of Venice.

The island was first referenced in chronicles in 421 AD, when people from Padua and Este fled there to escape the barbaric invasions. In the 9th century the island started to be intensely populated, and in the following centuries its importance grew steadily, until it was governed by a dedicated Podestà. There were many wars on Poveglia, as many Barbarians still wanted the people who fled there. In many cases the Poveglians won these wars, but in 1379 Venice came under attack from the Genoan fleet; the people of Poveglia were moved to the Giudecca, and the Venetian government built on the island a permanent fortification, called “the Octagon,” still visible today. The island remained uninhabited in the following centuries; in 1527 the doge offered the island to the Camaldolese monks, but they refused the offer. In 1661 the descendants of the original inhabitants were offered to reconstruct their village on the island, but they refused to do so.

In 1777 the island came under the jurisdiction of the Magistrato alla Sanità (Public Health Office), and became a check point for all goods and people coming to and going from Venice by ship. In 1793, there were several cases of the plague on two ships, and consequently the island was transformed into a temporary confinement station for the ill (Lazzaretto); this role became permanent in 1805, under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, who also had the old church of San Vitale destroyed; the old bell tower was converted into a lighthouse. The island was used to store weapons during the Napoleonic Wars. He used this location for the reason that it was small and insignificant to The Austrian Empire. Contrary to his belief, there were many small battles on this island as somehow the information of his weapons being there leaked to Austria. The lazzaretto was closed in 1814.

In the 20th century the island was again used as a quarantine station, but in 1922, the existing buildings were converted into a Venetian retirement homes. This went on until 1968, when the retirement homes were no longer used, and the island, after being shortly used for agriculture, was completely abandoned. Presently, the island is closed to locals and tourists and remains under Italian government.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Its darkened shores are strewn with polished human bones. It is supposed to be so scary that no tourists are ever allowed to set foot on it.

As the Black Death spread through Europe the island was used as a lazaretto and plague pit. Living victims, including children and babies, were taken to the island and thrown into the pits with the rotting corpses and left to die. Over 160, 000 people died on the island throughout history. There is still a layer of ash covering the island, the remains of the burned bodies. The locals report seeing strange things and strange sounds can be heard coming from the island.

In 1922 a mental hospital was built on the island. Patients immediately started reporting seeing the ghosts of rotting plague victims and hearing strange whispers. Nobody believed them because they were thought to already be insane. Legend says that the doctor tortured and butchered many of his patients in the bell tower, before going mad himself. He liked to experiment on live patients trying to discover why they were insane. After years of torturing his patients, the doctor began to seeing the ghosts himself. It is said that these ghosts rose from the grave and dragged him to the bell tower and forced him to jump to his death. He survived the jump but as he was lying on the ground, a fine mist came up around him and entered his body, choking him to death. His ghost remains in the bell tower and on a quiet night the bell can still be heard tolling across the bay.

The hospital has since closed down, and the island is uninhabited. It is not open to tourism, and its ashy beaches remain deserted. Recently a family sought permission to visit the island, hoping to buy it cheaply and build a vacation home. The left before the night was over and have refused to comment on the reason for their abrupt departure, the only fact known is that their daughter’s face was ripped open by something and needed twenty stitches.

A few people have gotten past the light police patrol that guards the island, and all have sworn never to return. They say the moans and screams that reverberate around the island are unbearable. There is a feeling of the most intense evil, and one thrill-seeker, upon entering the deserted hospital, was told, leave immediately and do not return.

The soil on the island, combined with the charred remains of some of the bodies, formed a layer of sticky ash on the land. The top layer of ash has dried in the sun to form a fine dust that swirls in the breeze and catches in lungs. Part of the island core consists of a layer of human remains. Fishermen avoid this area, as the chances of catching a body part or two are high.


Between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon



Number One

Oswiecim, Poland, Auschwitz/Birkenau Concentration Camp


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 6

Status – Former Extermination Camp

Investigation Ease – 2




One of the locations for anyone’s vote for “Hell On Earth” although “Experimentation Camp 731″ (see entry in Asia) could also be called that. The ultimate expression of Adolf Hitler’s (leader of Nazi Germany) Final Solution between 1.5 and 4 million (the Nazis claimed 3 million and the Auswitch State Museum claims 1.1 million) Jews, Soviet POWs, gypsies, homosexuals and others deemed unwanted by the Nazis died in this camp.

Following the Nazi invasion of Poland, Oswiecim was annexed into Germany and renamed Auswitch. In typical Nazi fashion the town was annihilated but the first camp was built near the ruins of the town. Most of the victims died in Auswitch II’s (Birkenau) gas chambers using Zyklon B (a cyanide based pesticide) but many deaths were attributed to starvation, forced labor, no disease control, executions and medical experiments. 90% of the victims were of the Jewish faith.

Like all of the Nazi Concentration Camps Auswitch was operated by Heinrich Himmler’s paramilitary SS.  The first Commandant of the camp Rudolph Hoss (until 1943) was executed in 1947 by hanging in front of the crematorium at Auswitch I – a death much too fast and merciful in most people’s opinion.
The camp was eventually divided into 3 areas: Auswitch I the original camp which became the administrative center. Auswitch II – the extermination camp and Auswitch III – the forced labor camp.
Above the front gates of Auswitch I were the words Arbeit Macht Frei – Works Makes (One) Free. Contrary to what is popularly portrayed in films and television most of the Jews brought into Auswitch II by train (see photo below) for extermination did not pass under this gate. The SS used some prisoners (mostly common German criminals) to supervise the other prisoners. Known as kapo they were guilty of many atrocities.

On September 3, 1941 the camp’s deputy Commandant used Zyklon B on Soviet POWs and Polish inmates by cramming them into the basement of Block 11 and releasing the gas. This chamber was in use from 1941-1942 in deaths of 60,000 people after which the SS used it as a bomb shelter. The gas chamber and adjoining crematorium still exist today, the crematorium was re-built after the war using materials still remaining on site.

Construction of Auswitch II was began in October of 1941 originally to ease crowding in the original camp. This camp was destined to become the largest of all the camps where (suffice it to say) the SS developed better and easier ways to commit mass murder on an unheard of scale. 

Prisoners would arrive by train from all over occupied Europe and immediately be separated into who could be forced to work and those who could not. Those who could not work were sent to gas chambers within a few hours – mostly woman with children and the elderly (as most people know the victims were told they were going to get a shower and be de-loused but the gas pellets were instead released once the doors were sealed in the shower room). Records show 405,000 people were used as slave labor for companies such as IG Farben and Krupp – 340,000 of these prisoners would not survive due to the harsh conditions.

I only mention this part because the area used for storage afterwards was called ‘Canada’ which being Canadian offends me even deeper than I already am if that’s possible. Possessions from the prisoners that had been stolen were stored in ‘Canada’ until shipped to Berlin or used by the SS. The term comes from the Polish emigrants who once shipped gifts back from Canada to their loved ones back home.
I’m leaving the medical experiments alone (God knows I have to say too much in the Experimentation Camp 731 section on that subject). Suffice it to say your worst nightmares are nothing in comparison.
The camp was liberated by Soviet forces on January 27, 1945. They liberated some 7,500 prisoners. The remaining prisoners had been force marched to another camp in Germany where those that survived were liberated by the British in April, 1945.

After the war the camp was used as an NKVD (predecessor to the KGB) prison camp until 1947.  It was then turned into a memorial by the Polish Government which it remains to this day. The entire camp site has now been declared World Heritage Site by the United Nations. To give you an idea of the size of the entire camp area it takes 3 1/2 hours to complete the tour of the site by guided tour.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Intense emotional reactions by anyone with even the slightest touch of empathy.  People have been known to break down in tears suddenly on the tour or abandoning their group being completely unable to complete the tour. To this day it is completely silent both in the camp and in the surrounding grounds – to this day birds will not sing within the grounds and there is a total absence of a natural environment (Mother Nature will not reclaim this area). Visitors have been grabbed by unseen hands and have had there clothes tugged on. Whispers such as “leave” and “please” have been heard.

No formal paranormal investigation has ever been documented there; perhaps the most haunted place on Earth (perhaps due to respect for the millions that met their premature end here) but many photos taken in the camp have shown mists, free ectoplasm, orbs and other light anomalies, shadows and apparitions.

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