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Top 27 Haunted Places In The World18 to 11 here................

Number Eighteen

Beelitz, Germany, Beelitz-Heilstätten Sanatorium



Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4

Status – Abandoned

Investigation Ease – 4.5



Built in 1898 in the southwest section of Berlin, this facility was originally designed  as a sanitarium for the care and treatment of those suffering from tuberculous – a lethal respiratory disease that killed hundreds of thousands before the advent of antibiotics. It was taken over in World War I as a military hospital and even treated a young corporal by the name of Adolf Hitler in 1916 for a wound received at the the Battle Of Somme.

When Nazi Germany fell in 1945 and Germany was divided in two countries the USSR took over the facility and it was converted into a Soviet military hospital. Strangely; even after the fall of the USSR the Soviet Union kept control of the hospital until 1995. Once the Russians vacated many attempts were made to privatize the facility but all failed. Today, some buildings are still used but most of the facility remains abandoned.

It covers and immense area of land and has been called an urban explorer’s paradise. During our research we found no stories of people being charged with trespassing; exploration of this area seems to be largely ignored by the authorities.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Almost every aspect of paranormal activity has been reported at this facility including, apparitions, shadow figures, light anomalies, mysterious mists, disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, electrical disturbances, objects moving and disappearing on their own, doors and windows opening and closing on their own, people being touched, poked, pushed and pulled by invisible presences, feeling of intense sadness, disease and of being watched, all manner of unexplained noises including bangs, screams, moans, growls and crashes and more.


Str. am Bahnhof 1



Number Seventeen

Whitby, Ontario, Former Whitby Psychiatric Hospital


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4

Status – Demolished, Residential Homes Built Over the Site 

Investigation Ease – 2



Originally called the Ontario Hospital for the Insane the hospital was constructed between 1913 – 1916 on the shores of Lake Ontario in Whitby, Ontario. The site was chosen due to proximity to Toronto and access to cheap water and power. The lakeside location was also considered as a positive environment for the patients. Upon completion it was used as military hospital for the soldiers from World War I. The hospital was returned to the Ontario government in 1919.
The site upon completion was considered the model of modern mental health care. Up until that time people considered mentally ill had been locked away and forgotten in facilities that almost like dungeons. From 1920 – 1972 a nurses college also operated on site until. Education of the nurses was turned over to Ontario colleges at that time. Able to provide it’s own food (due to farmland around the site) and it’s own power the facility became completely self-sufficient. By the 1960′s it had become the largest employer in the Whitby area.
The facility housed patients in cottage like setting and contained cafeterias, a gym and even a bowling alley. At it’s height the hospital housed 1,650 patients but by the 1960 medical treatments and advancements in therapy and patient care had began to date the facility. In 1968 the name was changed to Whitby Psychiatric Hospital and patient population dropped to 500 by the end of the 70′s.
By 1979 a new facility was being planned although construction did not begin until 1993. In 1996 the new Whitby Mental Health Centre was completed over the south end of the site and the original site was abandoned.
Until the 2006 the old site stood between the new centre and the encroaching residential sub-divisions. By 2006 most of the buildings had been torn down with only Cottage 12 remaining. Residential housing has now been built over the remaining original site.
Thankfully I was able to do investigations of the site with other members of the team between 2001 – 2004. In the next posting I will cover the legends as well as our personal experiences during our investigation.

The abandoned and now now demolished Whitby Psychiatric Hospital was the most active site we have ever investigated and our most in depth investigation.

We had heard many rumors of this site through many different sources. Many of the rumors were concerned with the difficulty of getting on site – 24 hour guards, 10 foot high fences with barbed wire, only accessible through underground tunnels etc. Basically the site sounded like it was just about as easy to access as a WWII German POW Camp.

When we first arrived at the site on the shores of Lake Ontario in Whitby, Ontario we found that the rumors had been exaggerated muchly. Much to our surprise we just walked onto the site in broad daylight – walked on through one of the many entrance choices.

No 24 security service, no high fences topped with barb wire – nothing. We were on one occasion chased off by a police helicopter but more on that later. Security was basically limited to large very prominent No Trespassing signs.

The site itself though was absolutely fantastic; almost like a town that time forgot. Complete with its own streets and stop signs and multiple abandoned structures including a six storey building, a recreation hall and patient housing.

During our first incursion on a cold Sunday afternoon we stayed out of the buildings and expended our energies on getting a feeling of the place and finding possible entrance ways into the buildings.

Throughout the next 3 years we were to return the site countless times and experience many things both normal and paranormal in the day and night. Rather than categorize by dates which I can’t remember in detail I will do by buildings giving a synopsis of all of our encounters in each structure.

Please forgive the grammar especially in the encounters section as most of what we have written is from case notes.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Nurse’s Quarter’s – 6 Storey Building

The building was on the far west corner of the site. It looked like an old office building from the 50′s or so and was surrounded by smashed equipment that vandals had earlier tossed from the high windows. At the bottom of the building was courtyard surrounded by a building containing one long hallway with rooms attached on the outside side of it. Funnily enough it is also the only place I ever ventured on my own which resulted in me becoming so terrified I was beyond experiencing anything I can honestly say was real. This building also contained a basement which was flooded to about waist height making in inaccessible except during the winter when the water froze to ice.


Walking along the outside of the building on a very cold January night Craig was overcome by this feeling of something reaching out of a hole of one of the boarded up buildings. So intense was this feeling that he dove away from the building. Upon landing he snapped a photo of the window – this photo is posted in the Whitby Photo Album and also can be seen on our home page. In essence it shows a cloud of some kind of black energy floating out of the window. Energy that gave off such a sensation of negativity he was left with no choice but to leave the area immediately.

Doors opening and closing on their own were seen by many of the members. A feeling of being followed and watched pervaded over much of the building on the upper floors. On occasion a form was briefly seen when doors were being opened on their own.

Legends & Rumors

A nurse hung herself in one of the rooms on either on the third or fourth floor. There is video made on another group in this location that shows a door opening on its own and a form inside the room that looks like it could possibly be someone hanging from a noose inside the room.

Recreation Hall

This building housed the recreational facilities for the hospital. It contained a gymnasium complete with a full stage and a bowling alley in the basement. It was located just east of the Nurse’s Quarter’s.


Many photos and video were taken of orb activity including responses to investigator’s requests. Sounds of bowling were heard by many team members while on the main floor (the bowling alley was in the basement) – these sounds would cease upon returning to the basement. Apparitions were sighted on the balcony at the back of the gym – the upper balcony was unreachable by any normal means as the stairway up to it had been demolished. Constant feeling of being watched from the balcony both with apparitions visible and not. When 2 team members kissed in the gym and large object was thrown by invisible means across part of the room. No affection was ever shown by one team member to another after that experience anywhere on the site.

Patient Housing

This encompasses many different buildings where all patients were housed during their stay at the hospital including – Adolescent 1 and 2, the children’s wing, housing for the mentally handicapped etc.


Visible apparitions as well as moving fog and orbs were all seen. Craig made contact through channeling with a teenage girl in Adolescent 1 named Kaitlyn who killed herself by slashing her wrists in the bathroom. A doctor in a lab coat was captured on videotape walking past the camera. Multiple flashlights disappeared as well as one video which shows a flashlight being smacked by an invisible presence while an investigator was holding it. Numerous possessions and attempted possessions were experienced by many investigators. In the children’s wing many people experienced being touched about knee level – ie having their pants tugged. Many investigators heard their names being called or whispered in their ear. Release of little girl named Katie to the other side was completed by two members. Violent reactions to a dark entity in Building 12 including vomiting. These reactions were especially prevalent in female investigators. A drawer of a dresser being pulled out on it’s own captured on video. Craig upon looking out of various windows experienced a time slip – the view from the window became the site at a different time period during which the site was still a functioning hospital.

Maintenance and Administration

This encompasses the remaining administration buildings (including the morgue) as well as all maintenance buildings and the main cafeteria. These buildings were central on the campus and on the extreme northeast side.


Upon having a strong feeling of being followed we turned around and snapped a pic – this became on the best orb pis we have from the site. Mysterious fog building into the shape of a man. Numerous windows opening and closing on their own. Sound of furniture being thrown and moved from the outside yet nothing was disturbed in th room when entered. Names of investigators being called and whispered as patient housing. Ghost of a little girl called Sarah sighted on numerous occasions as well as channeled. The now famous disappearing room – Aaron and Craig found this room on one visit but no one was ever able to locate it again.

The Site (Outside)


Visible apparitions including shadow people seen numerous times. Names of investigators being called from buildings. Movement and faces seen the windows of buildings. Traveling orbs visible to the naked eye. Numerous noises coming from completely empty buildings including crashing noises coming from Building 12 when focused light energy was used against the structure in an attempt to exorcise the dark entity within. An overwhelming change in energy upon entering their grounds that was almost suffocating limiting the longest visit to 3 hours.

We also recorded over 12 hours of EVP during this investigation

This is a story from one of the former employees of Whitby Psych:

This story takes place in what I refer to as the Nurse’s Quarters and is also referred as the school.

“One Night ,one of the other Guard’s called me over the radio and asked me the get up to the roof fast. So I got up there fast where I saw the Guard Talking to someone on the edge of the roof. The Guard told me the Patient was going to jump and he tried to stop her.
When we both asked her to come away from the edge she was gone. We both looked over the edge and saw nothing. We then went down stairs and outside and walked around the building but we found nothing.
The next day we found out that a girl jumped from the roof in 1968 before the stairs were locked up. Mary was 16 and jumped to her death. I was told when she hit the ground by the front steps she left blood all over the stairs, which could never be completely removed.
I personally saw the outline of blood on the stairs.”

The building was also used as a nursing school and apparently later as maximum security facility as per the employee’s story. It is also the building where the dark mass attempted to attack me through a hole in a window. It was extremely uncomfortable on the roof of this building although no member of the team ever saw an apparition up there or the blood stain on the stairs below. It being 6 stories high, though, a fall from the roof would have fatal


Directions to the grounds of the former Whitby Psych hospital.

Take HWY 401 to the Brock St exit.
Take Brock St to Victoria St and turn right.
Take Victoria St to Gordon and turn left.
Follow Gordon St until the end and proceed around the bend. You will see the new Hospital site on the left – the grounds of the hospital were on the right. In fact the 6 six storey Nurses Quarters were right on the bend. The grounds stretched until where Gordon comes to a dead end past the new Hospital.




Number Sixteen

Los Angeles, California, Linda Vista Hospital


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4.5

Status – Abandoned

Investigation Ease -  2



This hospital in East LA closed its doors in 1990. It was used by many film crews as sets for movies. It has been converted onto a set of apartment lofts. It is rumored to have closed due to too many unexplained patient deaths

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former patients and staff. The apparition of a doctor has been seen looking out of one of the corner windows across the front lawn. The sounds of a little girl laughing and playing by the front sign – it is said she was struck and killed by a car here. Faint green lights have seen glowing the building. Flickers of candlelight have been seen and are followed by screams and moans. A horrible stench has been reported on the third floor. The apparition of a female patient in a hospital gown near the entrance. Cold spots, shadow figures, light anomalies, disembodied voices and phantom footsteps.


610 South Saint Louis Street

Have you or anyone you know experienced paranormal activity at this location? If so please email us your story at HNAI



Number Fifteen

Paris, France, Pere La Chaise Cemetery


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4.5

Status – Functional Cemetery

Investigation Ease -  4



This is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris. It was commissioned by Napoleon in 1804 after cemeteries inside the city had been banned in 1786 when Cimetière des Innocents was closed after being declared as a health hazard partly due to its proximity to a large food market. The cemetery was named after Père François de la Chaisea, a confessor to Louis XIV who had lived in a house that was rebuilt on the site as a chapel.

Many famous people are buried in this cemetery including Oscar Wilde, Countess Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry and Yves Montand. The most famous resident is that of the former vocalist for The Doors and American poet; Jim Morrison. Morrison’s grave changed the cemetery forever and not in a good way – much vandalism was done to the other stones with arrows pointing to his grave (some done so many times the arrows now point in opposite directions) forcing the cemetery to hire a security guard.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Arguably the most haunted cemetery in the world with so many reports of paranormal activity they have now become countless.  Reports purely of apparitions both in the night and day are also so numerous the number defies the ability to count – and yes the ghost of Jim Morrison himself has been reported. Phantom sounds plague the cemetery including: footsteps, screams, bangs, voices, cries, whispers and taunts. Numerous reports of being touched, pushed and prodded; reports of objects disappearing and being knocked out of people’s hands. Feelings of unease, illness, being watched and not wanted. Incredibly numerous photos and reports of light anomalies and mysterious mists and reports of shadow people. This is one of the few places in the world where upon entering you are almost guaranteed to experience some form of paranormal activity.


The Grave of Jim Morrison


The cemetery is on Boulevard de Ménilmontant. The Paris Metro station Philippe Auguste on line 2 is next to the main entrance, while the station called Pere LaChaise, on line 3, is 500 metres away near a side entrance. Many tourists prefer the Gambetta station on line 3 as it allows them to enter near the tomb of Oscar Wilde and then walk downhill to visit the rest of the cemetery.



Number Fourteen

Japan, The Aokigahara Forest (The Suicide Forest)


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4.5

Status – Public Lands

Investigation Ease -  5



Also known as the “Sea Of Trees” this forest at the base of Mt Fuji in Japan covers 35 square kilometres. The forest contains a number of rocky and icy caverns; some of which have become popular with tourists. The dark side of this forest is that has also become a popular place for suicides. In fact it is now the second most popular place in the world to commit suicide, taking over from Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s Bloor Viaduct after a veil was put up to prevent jumpers (San  Francisco, California, USA’s Golden Gate Bridge still ranks number one). Suicides are on the rise in Japan due to world wide economic recession (the forest averaged 30 suicides a year in the 1990′s and has now increased to an average of 70 since 2002) despite a number of signs erected in Japanese and English in the forest by police asking people to reconsider and get help. There is an annual body hunt conducted in the forest to look for bodies which has left the edge of the forest littered with caution tape and other litter. Deeper in the forest it becomes more pristine and the trees became thicker. Many thrill seekers have also died after getting lost in the forest or having an accident. Due to the immense amount of trees blocking the wind and very little wildlife this forest is almost unnaturally quiet. it is not uncommon to find human bones scattered here.

This is considered the most haunted place in Japan. At least 500 people have killed themselves in the forest and that is not including the accidental deaths.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Since prehistorical times the forest has had a reputation as containing demons and other dark forces. Numerous accounts of all kinds of paranormal activity has been reported here including: apparitions (including those that interact with the living), disembodied voices, light anomalies, shadow figures, feelings of intense unease, of not being wanted and of being watched, touches by unseen forces, mysterious mists, phantom screams and cries and cold spots.

Warning: Some of these photos are not for the young or impressionable. Please exercise your own judgment before viewing. If you are sensitive or easily disturbed please refrain from searching any other photos of this site. Some of the photos rejected for posting on this site are incredibly disturbing.


The forest is within walking distance from the Kawagutiko Bus or Train Stations Stations.


Number Thirteen

Cleveland, Ohio, The Franklin Castle (The Hannes Tiedemann House)


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 5

Status – Abandoned, Boarded Up

Investigation Ease – 2



Built in 1865 for Hannes Tiedemann and his family. Four of the Tiedemann’s children and his Mother died in the house and Hannes made extensive renovations to the home including a ballroom and adding the gargoyles on the outside in an attempt to distract his wife from so much tragedy. There are also rumors of sexual adventures and murder in the house at this time – in the 1970′s the bones of several babies were found in a secret room and another skeleton was found in a wall in one of the tower rooms. Tiedemann sold the house in 1859 after his wife died but the house remained largely empty until 1968 when James Romano and his family moved in. They were the first to report paranormal activities and attempted several exorcisms to try to clean the house. They moved out in 1974 and the new owner wanted to turn the house into a church and offered overnight stays in order to raise funds. The next owner made extensive renovations but again put the house up for sale in 1994. In 1999 a fire was started by a vagrant and damaged part of the building.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

This location has been called “the most haunted house in Ohio”. In the windows of the turret the apparition of a woman in black has been seen by many people. She is rumored to be either Rachael, a servant girl that Hannes hacked to death with an axe or one of Hanne’s mistresses who he reportedly straggled to death.  The fourth floor ballroom is haunted by a young girl who may be Hanne’s niece (who he reportedly murdered) or the servant girl, Rachael. The Romano family also reported the ghost of a young girl who befriended their children. There is also a large blood stain on the marble floor of the ballroom that returned after the floor was replaced. This ghost also predicted a death in the family which is said to be the major reason why the family left the home. A newspaper boy reported then when he knocked on the front door a voice told him to “come in” and inside the front foyer he saw the apparition of a woman glide down the stairs and disappear right through the closed door. Phantom voices of children crying out have been heard and the faces of children have appeared in the walls. Other activity: voices coming from the walls, chandeliers swinging on their own, lights turning on and off on their own, furniture and other objects moving on their own, mysterious moving mists, light anomalies, doors opening and closing on their own and cold spots. The apparition of Hannes Tiedemann himself has been reported in a nearby park where he is said to have died. 


4308 Franklin Boulevard


Number Twelve 

Kimberley, Africa, South Africa, Rudd House


Chance of Paranormal Activity -  4.5

Status – Museum

Investigation Ease -  2 – 4



This house was the originally built in the 1870′s as a family home to the Rudd family whose money came from diamonds. As the family expanded more and more rooms were added until the house contained 22 of them. As the paranormal activity in the house slowly began to increase the Rudd family would eventually abandon their family abode. The house was sold to the McGregor Museum.

This house has become the “archetypal South Africa house”. Each room seems to developed its own personality and its own paranormal activity. With its squat appearance and surrounding verandas it is said to even look like a haunted house. Close your eyes and think of a haunted house and a lot of people will imagine something that looks just like the Rudd House.

This location is part of the Kimberley Ghost Trail.  

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Think of any paranormal activity and it has happened at the Rudd House except, strangely enough, apparitions. In our research into Rudd House we came upon no reports of apparitions. Activity includes: objects moving on their own including things being thrown at people, objects being broken including glasses shattering on their own, light anomalies, cold spots, shadow figures, feelings of being watched, unease, fear and not being wanted, phantom sounds of screams, a baby crying, voices, bangs, thumps and scrapes, electrical disturbances, doors opening closing on their own, tugs, pushes and pulls by invisible presences and psychic visions.

Most frightening of all – a photo was taken of three journalists at a table in the house. When the photo was developed only 2 journalists appeared. The third was just not there, no smudges or mists just completely missing.  If that doesn’t send a shiver down your spine you must be made of ice.


2 Edgerton Road



Number Eleven

Mumbai, India, Mukesh Mills


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 4.5

Status – Abandoned (Soon to be Demolished)

Investigation Ease – 2.5



Founded in 1975 as the Mukesh Textile Mills the company was not in existence very long. In 1980 it was shut down after a devastating fire and a long worker’s strike. At the time the area surrounding the mill was a no man’s land with gold smuggling from the Arabian Sea being the main industry. It is said that many people were murdered in the area; their bodies tossed into the sea.

After the mill closed down, the site became a major shooting location for Bollywood films and commercials; especially when the location needed was intended to be scary such as for a horror movie. Many actresses, actors and production staff refused to be at this location after dark because of the paranormal activity.

The owners of the mill (after a court battle) have gained permission to tear down the mill and build luxury condos, a commercial complex and a 5 star hotel. The Mukesh Mills will not be standing much longer although based on the history of other such properties the haunting will more than likely simply transfer to the new buildings.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

The owners forbid anyone to be at this location after the watchman locks up for the night at 9pm except with express and special permission. There have just been too many incidents with the paranormal at night. The location is one of the most infamous in the world for possessions including many by dark entities. Many people have began acting strangely including speaking in another voice, having fits, rolling on the ground and acting aggressively toward others. People have reported having their heads filled with dark, evil and murderous thoughts (a sure sign of dark entities as I know from first hand experience). There are also reports of being watched, not being wanted and extreme unease and fear. People constantly lose things right out of their pockets at this location. Objects have been moved or scattered in disarray sometimes in seconds. Apparitions and shadow figures have been sighted here, but only very rarely. Phantom music, voices and screams have been heard. As well, numerous accounts of light anomalies and mysterious mists.


Narayan Sawant Road, near the Indian Naval Air Station Shikra

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