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We Need Direct-to-Home DTH TV System in Pakistan!

There are countless advantages of Direct-to-home system over cable system. Once you have subscribed to Direct-to-home (DTH) services you will witness sharp picture and voice quality, power to choose the channels you want and o interactive elements such as video-on-demand and gaming.

Most of you would say that the one-time installation and monthly charges are expensive and therefore we would like to stick to our conventional cable system. Which is easy to say. But let me help you visualize a life with and without DTH. For easy reference I will talk about Mr. and Mrs. Ali's family that comprises of 2 daughters and a mother.

Mr. Ali comes back home after a long working day. And like any other man he finds watching his favourite TV show the best way to unwind. He turns on his TVs set and is shocked to see the arrangement of TV channels. He had obviously memorized the number of his favourite TV channels. Now his favourite show is on air and he can't seem to find the channel. He gets agitated. What aggravates the situation is the 15 minutes of search of his favourite channel and in the end finding out that it is no longer in the list. He asks his better half to call the cable operator. She informs him there is no point in calling them because she has already done that and they have asked for next 24 hours to bring back few channels.

Mrs. Ali informs her husband that while she was watching the repeat telecast of her favourite Turkish drama which she had missed previously, the channel became distorted. The image and sound quality deteriorated. After few minutes the channel was replaced with some other channel. But after ten minutes the original channel resurfaced. After listening to this Mr. Ali manages to control his anger and decides not to ruin his weekend and goes out for a dinner. The kids are left home with their granny to play board games: their favourite time pass.

Once they come back they are shocked to see their 5 year old daughter watching an obscene scene on star movies, while the granny and elder sister are still playing games. The couple instantly shuts down the TV.

Mr. Ali is really disturbed. He wonders is this why he is paying monthly charges, so that he gets deprived of his favorite TV shows every now and then and he can't guard what his young children are watching? Obviously the answer to this is NO. But Mr. Ali does not have any choice like every Pakistani. We are compelled to watch our favourite TV shows on cable operating system. The simple reason is the non-availability of DTH system!

Had the family subscribed to DTH services the scenario would have been completely different. Mr. Ali could have recorded his desired TV shows , the number and arrangement of channels would have never changed, a parental lock could have been turned on in case the parents had not been around and most of all his entire family could have enjoyed playing games and do other fun activities via DTH.

That is the kind of experience DTH offers ! But unfortunately we Pakistanis are deprived of this simple mode of entertainment. PEMRA and government can't seem to regulate the broadcast industry in ways they should do. Owing to the fact the bidding for DTH services started in our country way back in early 2000s. It has been ten years and we still have been kept away from DTH services? What is the reason? Who is causing this delay?

What is the purpose of this delay? is it because the Cable Operator Association of Pakistan has a strong footing and is influencing the concerned people? If that is the truth then we should all raise a voice against it ! We as a nation are deprived of security and are offered inflation and power outages. Is good home entertainment also falling under the list of rights we have not been provided? Think and raise your voice against this conspiracy !

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Comment by Assad Ali on December 27, 2015 at 7:51pm

Yes u r right, BTW our government would never allow DTH and  my one friend works with PEMRA and we know nothing is going to happen bez pakistani government has never done anything in time.

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