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Question 1: Who are the jinn?

The jinn are among the creatures that Allah (swt) created. Allah (swt) created angels, jinn, mankind, animals, plants and others. Jinn have some qualities like
human beings. These qualities are intellect, discrimination, freedom, and the
power to choose between right and wrong, between true and false, as well as
between good and bad.

Question 2: When did Allah (swt) create the jinn?

Allah (swt) created the jinn before Adam (pbuh) was created. Both were created in heaven and lived in paradise. One may read in Surah Al-Hijr (The Rocky Tract) [Qur'an,
15:26-27]. However, nothing was mentioned about the duration of time of the
jinn's creation before Adam (pbuh).

Question 3: What are jinn created from?

Jinn are created from fire of hot wind [Qur'an, 15:27]; and from smokeless fire [Qur'an, 55:15]. They were originally made from fire and then molded and shaped in the
form and shape that Allah (swt) wanted them to be. This means that they do not
anymore possess their fiery nature. It is not known therefore, their final
shape, form, and chemical composition. Since we cannot see them, therefore, it
is not easy to do any analysis of their chemical nature. In contrast, mankind
was created from soil, mud, and clay. They were molded as human beings. Our
final form is no more mud or clay.

Question 4: Do jinn have bodies?

Yes and no! It depends upon the information that one has. One group of scholars believe that jinn do not have bodies of their own. They also do not inhabit
bodies of other creatures. However, they do exist independently by themselves.
Therefore, they do not know how they exist without bodies: smoke, flame, fire or

The other group of scholars do believe that jinn do have bodies either definite or subtle. If their bodies are definite then they have some density; otherwise, if
they are subtle, then they are so fine that our weak eyes cannot see them. One
may read Surah Al-A'raf (The Heights) [Qur'an, 7:27]. Even if they are subtle
they should have weight and density similar to that of the air itself.

Question 5: Do jinn die?

Yes. Jinn do die. As long as they are creatures created by Allah (swt), they should die. They are creatures that marry, produce children, eat, drink, and die like
all other creatures in the universe. One may read Qur'an Surah Al-Rahman (The
Most Merciful) [Qur'an, 55:26-28].

Question 6: Do the jinn feel envy of us?

Yes. There are two types of evil eye: human and the jinn. One has to read regularly 'A'oozu Billahi Minash-shaitanir Rajeem. Also, by reading Ayah Al-Kursi and Al-Mu'awwazatain,
one will be protected from the evil eyes of both the jinn and mankind.

Question 7: Are there messengers and prophets from within the community of jinn?

Yes. Allah (swt) has sent prophets and messengers to jinn from within the jinn community. Also, Allah (swt) sent Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to mankind, to jinn,
and to other creatures. In Surah Al-An'am (The Cattle), Allah (swt) explains
that He sent messengers to men and to jinn. See Qur'an [6:130].

Question 8: Do jinn have different religions, sects and denominations?

In Surah Al-Jinn (Ch. 72), Allah (swt) informs us that some jinn accepted Islam, while others refused. Those who refused have deviated, and developed for
themselves different methods, different ways of life, and different religions,
sects and denominations.

Question 9: Do jinn marry and have children?

Yes. Jinn do marry and they do have children. The way they marry is not known to us yet. We may be able to know the future if Allah (swt) wants us to know.

People never knew about microbes, viruses, and the unseen micro creatures. Now we are able to know many things about their life cycles, their life duration, their
methods of duplication or reproduction: sexually and asexually. The mere fact
that we do not know how the jinn marry and reproduce does not negate their being
married and reproduced. The Qur'an stipulates in Surah Al-Kahf (18:50) that they
have offsprings. Similarly, the Qur'an states in Surah Al-Rahman (55:56) that
jinn and human beings never touched (married) the ladies of paradise.

Question 10: Can human beings and jinn inter-marry?

Yes and no. It depends upon how one looks at it. It is a known fact in the Qur'an in Surah Al-Israa' (17:64) that jinn may share with us our wealth and our children.
The Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) reconfirms this concept when he says that when
a man has marital relationship with his wife, he should mention the name of
Allah (swt). He should seek refuge in Allah (swt) from the outcast shaitan.
Otherwise, shaitan folds himself up in the man's urethra and shall have sexual
relations along with him.

Moreover, when a man goes to his wife while she is in her menses, shaitan precedes him. She will conceive and will bring forth a sterile person (Mukhannath). Such a
sterile person is considered to be child of the jinn.

Question 11: Do jinn have animals as pets?

Yes. Jinn do have animals or beasts of their own. The Prophet (pbuh) mentioned that every piece of dung is fodder for the beasts of the jinn. However, we do not
know what type of beasts the jinn have. The same thing is to be said as to the
varieties of beasts, their number, their shape, their size, their weight and so

Question 12: Do jinn have homes of their own?

Yes. The jinn do have homes. They live all over the planet earth. However, there are special places that one may find them in abundance and on a regular basis. These
are deserts, ruins, places of impurities such as dunghills, bathrooms and
graveyards. They live in houses of human beings too. For those who enter their
houses mentioning the name of Allah (swt), the jinn cannot have a place to stay
overnight in that house. If the people of the house mention the name of Allah (swt)
before eating, then the shaitan will not be able to eat with them.

Question 13: Is it true that animals see jinn and angels?

Animals do see angels and shaitan. When a rooster sees an angel, it starts
crowing. However, when a donkey starts braying it is seeing a jinn.

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